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Educational; Founded in 2019
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I am Mel Baxter-Smith and I am from The UK CFX is an interesting Business. Something Different Something new ..Combining E-Learning with Forex Trading . 12 months ago i was introduced to this Company which combines E-Learning with Forex Trading. As a CFX member we may choose to participate in the CFX automated trading platform, by investing in a Trade Academy Pack . The E-Learning Trade academy pack Investment start from $300 up to 100K . You may invest at any level you wish. The returns on the daily trading vary from 5% to 7% a week and Approximately 1% a day. Phenomenal returns. I dont actually trade myself we have our Expert trading Team who do it for us. But if anyone wants to learn they can. You can earn while you learn. Amazing Business and anyone can be successful with CFX For Full information please get in touch.

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