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Digital Assets Legal Advisors LLC

Partnership; Founded in 2019
1 - 5 employees



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Digital Assets Legal Advisors LLC (DALAW) provides fully-integrated advisory services for the structuring, documentation and regulatory clearance of digital assets. We specialize in supporting our clients in ensuring compliance with laws and regulations as well as managing risks related to digital assets. From start to finish, we assist in handling preparation, documentation and the approval process in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the EU, among others. Simple or complex, we help determine the economic and legal structure that best fits your needs. That means tailor-made solutions that are independent of asset class. Documentation doesn’t need to be painful. We bring us years of practical experience with the preparation, documentation and the approval process surrounding offering documents such as whitepapers, offering memorandums, securities prospectuses for public offerings. With DALAW, confidently navigate the regulatory jungle. Obtaining non-action letters or the like as well as staying in-bounds: ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and best practices for the domestic or cross-border distribution. Through network partner relationships, maintain real-time supervision of all financial metrics and effectively manage financial and operational risks.

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