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Harley Johnston activities: Marketing manager

Harley Johnston

10 months ago

gas safety certificate prices in the UK

 A landlord’s gas safety certificate is a legal requirement

It is illegal for a landlord to rent out their property without a gas safety certificate.
Nobody said being a landlord would be easy! Dealing with tenants’ repairs, keeping their gas appliances and electrical systems safe, and helping them deal with other home emergencies can take a huge proportion of your rental income.
Wouldn’t it be nice to let properties without having to deal with all this hassle and expense?
You can also check our landlord cover plans

Gas Safety Certificate Includes

  • Your gas appliances will be checked for gas tightness.
  • If test points are available, standing and working pressure will be tested.
  • Your Gas Safe engineer will check burner pressure and gas rate against the manufacturers data plate.
  • All flame failure devices will be checked for satisfactory operation.
  • Flue flow will be tested to make sure products of combustion are removed.
  • Checks will be carried out for the provision of all necessary ventilation.
  • Investigations for any evidence of unsafe operation will be made and reported.
  • Where appropriate checks will be made for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets.
  • Without completing all of the above checks an appliance cannot be issued a Gas Safety Certificate.

Harley Johnston activities: Marketing manager

Harley Johnston

10 months ago

Landlord Boiler Cover Service in the UK

Article about Landlord Boiler Cover Service in the UK

30 Day Rolling Contracts

Your tenants will be delighted to know that you’ve protected them with 24|7 Home Rescue. We offer wide range of landlord cover products to keep your tenants’ home warm and safe.Take advantage of our premium plan with a FREE Gas Safety (CP12) Certificate.

We don’t charge excess for annual boiler service and CP12 Certificate.

95% First Fix Ratio

We have a fantastic first fix ratio of over 95% & more manufacturer repairs than the majority of other service providers.

Nationwide Coverage

If you need repairs you will have access to over 3000 engineers nationwide.

Unlimited Callouts & Claims

We aim to reach you in as little as 4 hours and our tradesmen are guaranteed to turn up when they are supposed to.

Parts & Labour Included

We always use new parts for repairs, and where possible direct from the manufacturer!

No Hidden Charges

With a 24|7 Home Rescue plan, all costs are included. There will be no hidden labour fees, call out charges or additional charges for parts.

247 UK Helpline & Callouts

If you have an emergency, we have a UK based helpline on hand, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It starts on the day your application is accepted. However, there is an initial 30-day period where you cannot make a claim. This is to prevent pre-existing problems and to keep our prices low. Means the first amount of each claim, payable by you to the helpline before the approved engineer will attend. This payment will be taken before assistance is provided. Payment can be made by way of credit or debit card. Our plans can be personalized to include or exclude excess. The excess you pay is the amount per claim so no matter how many times an engineer visits for the same problem — you’ll only pay one excess! We provide cover for boilers that operate on natural gas and floor standing boilers. We cover all major makes and models.

Unfortunately, we do not provide cover for:

  • LPG boilers
  • Back boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Oil boilers

Provided you have paid your contract fees, we will guarantee that our engineers will conduct one annual service, safety and operational check (this will be a Gas Safe recommended service not a manufacturer’s service) in any 12-month period. Our engineers will usually carry out this service at around the same time each calendar year. This will depend on their workload and your appointment preference. Service, safety and operational check visits (where applicable) will be carried out on an agreed date between the 8th and 12th month after the Commencement Date of your service agreement and will be arranged automatically. If you are within the first 8 months of your service agreement and you require an earlier service/CP12 Landlord Certificate, this can be arranged by bringing forward your payments to the amount of £60. Payment of the £60 will subsequently reduce your monthly direct debit.

Harley Johnston activities: Marketing manager

Harley Johnston

10 months ago

Best boiler service plan

Article about Best boiler service plan

cheap boiler service plans provide you with the security of having your boiler and central heating service and maintenance covered with a servicing contract, which includes your annual boiler service to ensure your boiler stays in good health. If your boiler were to breakdown or encounter a problem, a gas safe engineer out to your property to identify the problem and fix it.


When you pay for a boiler service plan, you are reducing the risk of requiring expensive boiler repairs. For example, if your boiler were to need an expensive repair every three years costing c.£200, paying for an annual boiler service plan could save you save you up to £250 over three years.


A boiler service and maintenance plan offers you peace of mind when it comes to boiler maintenance, not only in terms of cost savings and budgeting, but knowing that you don’t have to wait an age for a gas safe engineer to visit to solve the problem is priceless! Cold showers and no heating are no fun at the best of times, especially in the depths of winter when boilers are statistically more likely to breakdown.


There are a multitude of companies offering boiler service and maintenance plans, across a wide range of price ranges, making it difficult to choose the right boiler service plan for you. The big nationals tend to be the most expensive and boiler service plans are typically tiered so that the more your cover includes, then more you’ll pay for it. The bigger boiler service plan companies tend to only reward new customers and don’t always offer customers who remain with them past 12 months the best deal.

You can save money on your boiler cover by simply choosing the best boiler service plan for you. Think carefully about which boiler service plan would best suit your household and keep an eye out for unnecessary extras in your boiler service plan that may bump the monthly price up.

If you have a local Swansea plumber who is familiar with the workings of your boiler, you may be very happy with the service they offer. Local plumbers who carry the gas safe certification tend to offer the best value for money service and if you find a local plumber that offers a boiler service plan then you have the added benefit of their existing boiler system knowledge before you even begin your contract.

If you have a relatively new boiler, you will probably only require the most basic boiler service plan on offer, but make sure the plan includes your annual boiler service or maintenance inspection, otherwise you will undoubtedly lose out in the cost saving stakes.

It’s also worth choosing a boiler plan company that will offer a discount should your boiler be deemed beyond economic repair.


If you live Swansea then finding a local plumber you can trust can be difficult. Choose a plumber in Swansea that has a good reputation as a gas safe certified engineer, a significant number of good reviews and that offers great value boiler services plans which include the cost of your annual boiler service.

Harley Johnston activities: Marketing manager

Harley Johnston

10 months ago

Best boiler plan services in the UK

Article about Best boiler plan services in the UK

Boilers stop working for a wide range of reasons. Modern boilers are far stronger and more resilient than their predecessors, and people get used to having central heating and hot water on-tap, but the simplicity of boiler operation belies the complexity of the appliance.

With 247 Home Rescue’s gas boiler breakdown plan, you don’t have to worry if your boiler is not working – just give us a call on our 24/7 dedicated claims line and we will send a Gas Safe-registered engineer to your property as quickly as possible. We aim to respond to all boiler breakdown claims and gives the best boiler service and boiler service plan in as little as four hours!

Why boilers stop working

Electrical problems

In some cases, boilers stop working because of minor electrical problems – in many cases, people can resolve these issues themselves without a professional’s help.

  • The electricity supply to the boiler may have turned off. If this has happened, simply switch it on again and reset the appliance.
  • If your electricity cut out recently – for instance if your fuse box keeps tripping – you may need to reset the appliance, such as by adjusting the timer.
  • Sometimes, a ‘soft reset’ can resolve electrical malfunctions in a boiler. A ‘soft reset’ simply entails turning the boiler off, and then turning it on again.

Gas problems

If your boiler has stopped working and you believe it to be a gas problem then step away from the boiler! Gas work can only be performed by Gas Safe-registered engineers, so if you have a gas-related defect, then you will likely need to claim on your boiler breakdown plan or get in touch with an engineer.

  • The gas supply to your boiler may have been switched off – you may have accidentally turned off the gas supply, or knocked a valve. Check to see that your gas supply is still working.
  • If other gas appliances are also not working, then you will need to book a visit with an engineer.

Plumbing problems

Although laypeople will be able to resolve a couple of plumbing problems, these can frequently be too difficult for inexperienced people to perform safely and effectively. If your boiler is not working due to a plumbing problem, it’s best to call an engineer.

  • Are your pipes frozen? If the outside temperature has dropped below zero, then this may well be the case. Read how to defrost frozen pipes in order to deal with this problem. A frozen condensate pipe – the pipe that expels steam from the boiler – is implicated in a number of boiler breakdowns in cold weather.
  • Is your water turned on? You may have accidentally turned the stopcock off.
  • Does the boiler need to be repressurised? Read our advice about repressurising boilers.
  • Is the ball float valve in your water cistern stuck? Take a look in your cistern – if it is almost empty or completely empty, move the ball float valve and give it a clean.

gas boiler stopped working, boiler is not working

If your boiler is not working due to a mechanical fault it’s illegal to touch the components, so get an engineer in.

Mechanical problems

If the internal components of a gas boiler – such as its pumps and valves – have stopped working, you will be unable to legally repair the boiler yourself. Doing so could also be dangerous – only qualified and competent gas engineers can work on the internal components of gas boilers.

Still not working? Don’t worry. We’re here to help

Don’t attempt to touch any part of your boiler or central heating system if you’re unsure. Did you know? It’s illegal for anyone to use a gas appliance if they think it’s unsafe. It’s always better to be safe than sorry as you could make things worse.

Instead, call us on 0345 3192 247 and we can help. Our technical team will run through some simple troubleshooting to see if your problem can be resolved on the phone or they can book one of our friendly and knowledgeable Gas Safe registered engineers to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

247 Home Rescue accepts no liability for any injuries or damages you sustain following the advice on this website. If in doubt, seek professional assistance.

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