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I am a Canada based professional in the investment industry and on SmartMoneyMatch to expand my network and connect with other industry professionals. I would be happy to connect on SmartMoneyMatch and start the dialogue to see how we can cooperate.

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Karine Mazareanu

5 months ago

iluk PRO

Article about iluk PRO

Professionals use iluk PRO to manage and grow their existing beauty business, while easily enabling them to provide mobile services in clients’ homes without the administrative headache. iluk PRO is an app 100% designed with independent beauty professionals in mind. From client management and sales overviews, calendar and payments management, to online bookings via the professionals’ own webpage, iluk PRO is the only app and digital tool professionals need to manage a beauty/hair business. iluk PRO enables professionals to easily service clients anywhere and on their own terms, by eliminating the back and forth with clients via DMs, text messages and phone calls, by determining how far they are willing to travel, as well by setting their availability based on their desired schedule.


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