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We are a small team of brilliant and self-motivated persons. For over 7 years, Owlab has been a business-oriented software engineering company committed to helping businesses kickstart, develop, and succeed. With profound technological expertise in a range of business domains such as financial services, healthcare, retail, and entertainment, Owlab implemented innovative ideas that allowed businesses - from startups to mid-sized and large companies - to scale, evolve, and prosper. Our quality policy includes functionality, usability, security, and crowd testing. We transfer all copyrights once the project is done.

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1 year ago

The way to Uber-like app

Article about The way to Uber-like app

Steps to develop a Uber likewise application

Uber is a business role-model many entrepreneurs try to recreate. In this article, we'll discuss the technical details, marketing, and critical aspects you should consider to succeed.

How Does Uber Functions?

First of all, Uber provides a solution to the common problem worldwide. The app launch broke the taxi monopoly and reshaped private transportation. In addition, Uber gives both drivers and riders numerous benefits. Uber is an iOS and Android mobile app to connect a passenger and a driver 24 hours a day. Uber is kind of an agent because it doesn't own automobiles, but has a protected and mutually beneficial relationship. The Google Maps mobile app shows the closest car location and the time of a vehicle arrival. All requests are sent to the driver so that he can accept or reject it. Passengers can verify the details of their drivers and monitor arrivals online. A text message or a call can always be used to notify users. When the vehicle comes, the user is notified (usually within a few minutes). After the trip has been completed, the program charges a fee for the customer.

 Five key aspects are provided by the device: 1. Cab calling 2. Deposit o cash 3.Chauffeur discovery 4.Payment on ride completion 5.Retrieve your chauffeur rating

You must always fully comprehend that it is necessary to create two separate applications linked to the management panel to build an application similar to Uber. Every part of the system has different functionalities, characteristics and demands. Settings of the customer app Uber's capacity to offer its users a great choice of vehicles in 10 minutes, which fulfills their desire, is the essential part to the success of the company. A high quality service is provided to passengers: prices are given beforehand, cost evaluation is handy and car drivers, location and route can be easily monitored. The pricing is clear and people of all ages can use this application.

The main features for designing of an MVP booking interface:

Login / Register. Data processing. Calculation of costs. Track and GPS. Monitoring a trip. Transactions. Messages and notifications. Assessment & Review Functions of upcoming updates can be developed to: Ride history. Favorite directions. Schedule ride. Split payment. Promotions, special offers, promo codes. Panic button. Waitlist. Calling a car for another person. A fruitful start is guaranteed with the above-mentioned features.

Core characteristics of the driver App you'll find useful:

Profile registration. Online or offline setting. Booking notification. Payment data. GPS optimization. Support service. Updated reports. Messaging. Passenger rating. You can enhance the driver program with the following attributes after a successful release: Administrative application The administration app is a key component of the system. It should provide a user-friendly survey of any business operation, store user and reservation data and provide access to data.

The functionality of the app's administration panel is as follows: General data gathering. Administration. Tariff setting, special discounts and offers, software updates, assessment and feedback. Support. Getting clients requests, dealing with problems, feedback system. Charging. In the event of conflicts or errors, mangers cancel and refund the money. Database.Analytics.

Our piece of advice for starting a similar app

 In the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship, there is another corporate culture named Uber for X. Each section represents numerous options for the Uber business model to solve various daily problems outside the cab. Nearly every niche has a "immediate success" potential, so there are countless opportunities to explore, in especially as Uber has opened its API. No signs of a halt show the builders of this innovative app. It's a real evidence of UberEats. UberEats is one of the most steadily developing food delivery companies in the United States today.

Delivery app

The diversification policy not only offers economic benefits for the organization but also produces an airbag for situations of unforeseen circumstances such as the new coronavirus. Uber's business model , also called 'immediate-to-screen' service, has been proven and tested and has benefits for sectors such as healthcare, fitness, agricultural industry, maintenance, renting, etc. mobile app development. You 're not going to go after leading companies in this scenario. And even though you want to fundamentally change transportation, there are industries in which Uber is underrepresented. The aim is to overcome a dilemma and identify the market you are trying to enter. Health service application Along with technical aspects, you should pay special attention to the ease of use and attractiveness, particularly the UX/UI design, when you design your own app. Today, even the most innovative startups can't afford to be non-user-friendly. So, when assembling your team, don't forget to include skilled designers.

If you are looking for a distinctive concept for the business, answer: What are the best ways to solve it? Can you implement a transformation on them? Why should people use your product or service? You can broaden a once-limited market and find an absolutely convincing reason for creating your own application by making complex and costly items easier to reach.

Strategies to Develop an Application functioning like Uber

Without going into the details, the layout of such an application requires: The coding of an app Web design Specific OS development (Android/iOS). Designing. Administration and quality guarantee. The project breaking into milestones is an important benefit to a development team. With this approach you can speed up the transfer from MVP into MMP by implementing new features and publishing them more frequently.

One more advantage is the ability to test an app after every milestone: Smoke test. Functionality test. User-interface check. Performance test. Usability testing.

App production Specific Technologies

Routing and geopositioning

You need a routing server in order to plan a route and measure the distance. We propose Geolocation API for Android and CoreLocation application for iOS. MapKit allows routing and instructions for iOS . You 're expected to use Android API with Google Maps. Integration of payment methods It is essential to ensure financial data security for customers when it comes to payment gateway integration. You need a PCI-compliant cashless transfer system. You'll need a certification only if you're planning to store and process credit card data. Payment gateway providers like Braintree and Stripe are PCI-compliant, which makes integration much easier.

Push Notification & Messaging within the App GCM allows Android push notifications, and Apple Push allows iOS notifications. Twilio enables messages. Alternately, other cloud communication platforms can be used.

How can I earn profits from an Uber-similar app? Monthly services, partnerships with other companies, driver fees, cancellation fees and promotional deals are the most widely known sources of income. Revenue streams are being explained in detail well before app releasing. If you want a creative thinking become your business, we suggest that you do the steps mentioned in the post. You will surely avoid competition and make a breakthrough. Don't forget that the key to the success of the mobile application is a well-developed team

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