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Scott Baker

Founder & Building Designer at RiverArch (Startup: Not Incorporated)
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Developer, Originator & Designer of the RiverArch, a Hudson-Yards scale mixed use Development with 7,630 total units: 5330/70% market-rate, 2300/30% affordable. 300,000sf public space, 50 commercial opportunities; $20.4b to build --> $28.1b when all units sold. Can be mixed use office/hotel/residential/utility (62% energy self-sufficient) too. Largest building in the world by floor area in a Red Hot NYC Neighborhood! Details in Broadsheet article with link to video:

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Scott Baker

7 months ago

The RiverArch Project

Article about The RiverArch Project

Our project is the uniquely innovative and largest potential building in the world, the East River, NY river-spanning RiverArch. You can read more about it in this headlined article in The Broadsheet (scroll past the ads a bit): and see a 3-minute video flythrough here:

I am part of a 6-member consortium and the building's designer and originator.The ROI is projected to be $7.7b when all 7,630 condo units are sold, even with 30% affordable units to meet MIH requirements.

Right now, we are looking for angel investors for early seed capital - up to $10m - for (new) lawyers, lobbyists, environmental assessors, etc. needed to mount a campaign to acquire permission for this novel over-the-river building.

The RiverArch has been independently evaluated and found to be 62% energy self-sufficient, and is currently entered into the NYSERDA Buildings of excellence competition.I would like to present to you a portion of the NYSERDA presentation to show you the vision and potential. Are you available for virtual meetings via Zoom etc?

Scott Baker

2 years ago

The RiverArch

Article about The RiverArch

Living in New York City has never been more challenging, yet more attractive.

To meet the competing demands of affordability, space, and the amenities that savvy New Yorkers demand, will require radical developments in architecture, land use, and building methods.

Blending ancient principles with modern technology, only one project offers:
- Location in a Red Hot neighborhood

- 7,630 Studio - 9-bedroom Apartments, averaging 2.5 persons and 2,159sf - an unprecedented blend of quantity and size for New York City

- No replacement of existing buildings/tenants

- No decommissioning of parks

- Minimal shadowing for size of project

- Very limited use of current public spaces

- Apartments ranging in affordability from 8-figure Condominiums down to 30% of Area Medium Income Rentals, potentially meeting a full 1% of Mayor de Blasio’s city-wide goal to build and preserve 300,000 affordable units.

- 300,000sf of new Public Areas including: 2 50,000sf plazas - 2 19,900sf public parks - 2 30,000sf esplanades - 1 17,100sf Beach - 1 71,000sf Dog run/Playground Park

A Major Bi-Borough public elevator transport system capable of moving 5 million passengers per year.

- Public and Private World class gyms totaling 450,000sf featuring: 12 11-story climbing walls; 1/2-mile running track; 2 Olympic-length glass bottom pools; 1 2,500sf Sandbox with 2 70’ palm trees & a Zip line; and much more…

- 956,000sf prime commercial space

- 162,000sf/900-seat High School

- Beyond Platinum LEED certification: hyper-efficient passive design; 4 to 5 off-grid power sources for complete energy independence

- Teen Center - Senior Center - Dog Center

- 85,000sf Event Space

- 132-seat movie theater

- Four 80-person meeting rooms

- Four 1,000sf Greenhouses

- A 42-person Catering Kitchen & Banquet Room

- A 350-seat restaurant with unparalleled NYC views on the 87th floor

- Two 6,084sf public observation decks on the 87th floor

- Unparalleled views for discerning buyers

- 213,000sf of Resident Common Areas including: 20 semi-private courtyards - 4 Corner Terraces - 4 3,250sf Lanais with indoor/outdoor gardens - 2 BBQ terraces - 4 Greenhouses - 1 100,000sf split-level roof deck

- A Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 8.7 if East River is included as part of Area (no interference with river beyond current land footprint; only air rights needed)

- 350 indoor parking spots & indoor pickup/drop-off

- 1,344 bicycle spots

- Direct-to-barge garbage delivery, to reduce garbage truck traffic up to 90%

Preliminary Baseline Projections indicate:
- $20b in Direct and Indirect costs, depending on financing

- $28b in sale of 7,630 Condos & storage rooms, including 30% inclusionary @ 50% discount rate psf (some may be retained by building owner for inclusionary housing)

- $608m/year Gross Income: combined RiverArch Corporation and Condo Association
- Major Architect onboard.
- Community Center Developer onboard
- Lobbyists onboard.
- Army Corps of Engineers provided forms and path forward
- City, State, Federal politicians visited
- Dept. of City Planning Pre-Approval Statement pending

Could be redesigned as mixed office-residential building with up to 9m sf off large floorplate office space, floors 3-32.

Looking for serious partners, investors, developers. Contact:
Scott Baker - Originator & Designer

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