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Swiss Security Solutions GmbH

Privately held; Founded in 2017
51 – 200 employees



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Saving money in your bank account and contributing to a pension scheme is a great start to invest. But think about it, is this going to cover the lifestyle, safety, and health you have planned. The Company working with High-Net-Individuals is a great way to go further. Please feel free to contact us if you need any information about our General Partnership Agreement or Equity Agreement. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help. Our investor relations team is tasked with keeping transparency and confidence to a maximum, by ensuring that our information policy is clear, up to date, comprehensive, consistent and readily available. We have a Swiss Credit Score Rating "AA" which means Excellent. Please register and reserve your investment on a first come, first served basis. This Call is open for qualified and non-qualified investors according to Swiss law. To register and reserve your investment now, please use the investment reservation form - https://www.swiss-security-solutions.com/investment-reservation-form With investments starting at CHF 10'000.- you are reserving a right on 7.50% Interest and Dividend. With investments starting at CHF 500'000.- you are reserving a right to negotiable Interest and Dividend. Investment Discount: Convertible Note with a 20% Discount / Value Cap of CHF 5 million in a Convertible Note.

Investor type

Investing as asset owner (own investment)

Overall investment size in USD

$5m – 25m

Average investment size in USD

$30,000 till $90,000

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Elena Goeldi activities: Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managers - CSO, Vice President External Affairs - Head of Communication & PR, Vice President External Affair
Elena Goeldi
Vice President External Affair