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Visionary Access Network

Privately held; Founded in 2021



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About Visionary: Visionary ( www.Visionary.is ) Access Network is an exclusive network arranging trusted meetings amongst leading entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. Take the Access Survey and opt-in to receive notifications of relevant event and meetings opportunities, and discover featured growth solutions. Access Credits are earned for participation, in-network transactions and referrals. For on-demand Qualified Arranged Meetings and Business Development as a Services (BDaaS) & Investor Relations as a Services (IRaaS) supported access, meet with Visionary to discuss your objectives and redeem Access Credits for these services. Visionary was instigated by John Polis, Ernest Verrett, Alex Salzman and others that have built leading expert networks, social networks and internet companies from inception, to public listing. Founding Membership is now comprised of a growing consortium of entrepreneurs and investors.

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