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Educational; Founded in 2007



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Investor profile

We do statistical research on investments

Investor type

Investment consultant

Website of the investment department

Investment interests

Asset class

Commodities/cryptocurrencies, Equity, Fixed income, Hedge funds/trading, Insurance-linked securities (ILS), Multi-asset, Private capital, Real estate

Investment region

  • Global
  • Global diversified markets
  • Global developed markets
  • Global emerging markets
  • Global frontier markets
  • Global non-classified markets
  • Europe
  • Developed European countries
  • Europe diversified
  • Switzerland
  • European diversified markets
  • Frontier European countries
  • Emerging European countries
  • Non-classified European countries
  • Asia
  • Diversified Asian markets
  • Developed Asian countries
  • Emerging Asian countries
  • Frontier Asian countries
  • Non-classified Asian countries
  • MENA
  • Diversified MENA Markets
  • Developed MENA countries
  • Frontier MENA countries
  • Emerging MENA countries
  • Non-classified MENA countries
  • Australia and Oceania
  • APAC developed markets
  • APAC diversified markets
  • APAC non-classified markets
  • North America
  • Developed Northern American countries
  • Diversified Northern American markets
  • Emerging Northern American countries
  • Non-classified Northern American countries
  • South America
  • Diversified Southern American markets
  • Emerging Southern American countries
  • Frontier Southern American countries
  • Non-classified Southern American countries
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Emerging Sub-Saharan countries
  • Diversified Sub-Saharan markets
  • Frontier Sub-Saharan countries
  • Non-classified Sub-Saharan countries
  • Central America and the Caribbean
  • Diversified CAC countries
  • Emerging CAC countries
  • Frontier CAC countries
  • Non-classified CAC countries

Investment process

  • Not applicable/relevant
  • Active investments
  • Active selection
  • Passive investments
  • Synthetic Replication
  • Physical Replication

Considered legal/investment requirements


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Oliver Bachmann activities: Lecturer

Arjan Janssen activities: Junior Sales Assistant
Arjan Janssen
Student in Banking and Finance

Phil Gschwend activities: Research Assistant
Phil Gschwend
Research Assistant

Christina Marchand activities: Research Associate
Christina Marchand
Research Associate