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Zodeak Technology activities: Business Development/Sales, Client Services, Investments/Portfolio Management, IT, Business Development/Sales, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | Blockchain Development Company

Zodeak Technology

16 days ago

Binance Clone Script - Binance clone App -Binance DEX Clone

Article about Binance Clone Script - Binance clone App -Binance DEX Clone

Nowadays, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is extending more drastically, so many newbie traders & business enthusiasts showed more interest in the crypto space. And the entrepreneurs have seen the cryptocurrency platform as the new business model, you know why??? Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future of money in the modern world and the crypto space provides lots of new emerging business opportunities for all startups & entrepreneurs.

When comes to the particular business attracts all the business people that are cryptocurrency exchange”. Yes, The Bitcoin Exchange is one of the emerging business models in the crypto space. You know why??? Within a short period, you will become a very successful entrepreneur. One of the best examples is Binance which we all know is one of the world-popular crypto exchange platforms in the world. And, Last year the pandemic crisis time also generate nearly $1 billion in 2020. That is the reason the crypto exchange business model got attracted many businessmen. And now they are willing to start their own crypto exchange platform for those kind people. I suggest you Binance Clone script one of the simplest, safest & cost-efficient ways to launch a crypto exchange platform. If you are using a top-notch bitcoin exchange script for starting a crypto exchange business, then you can able to build an exchange instantly at an affordable cost.

So, What is Binance Clone Script???

Binance Clone Script is an upgrade version of all exchange platforms, it is also called ready-made script or software like Binance. By using a crypto exchange script like Binance you can launch your crypto trading platform instantly. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your crypto exchange business. Also, it helps to launch your exchange platform instantly.

Benefits of Binance Clone Script:

  • Customizing choices - They will help you to build your cryptocurrency exchange platform based on your business needs.
  • Monitoring - You can easily monitor the work process
  • Beta feature module - You can test your exchange in the Beta module
  • Low cost effective - The development will be around $8k - $20k (It may be vary based on the requirement)
  • Time consumption - You can launch your exchange within one week

Quintessential Features of Bitcoin Exchange Script:

  1. Multi-language
  2. IEO launchpad,
  3. Crypto wallet,
  4. Instant buying/selling cryptocurrencies
  5. Staking and lending
  6. Multi-cryptocurrencies Support
  7. Referral options
  8. Admin panel
  9. Advanced UI/UX & much more

Alright, now you have a question like this - Where Can I Get the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?. Don’t be nervous, I’ve done some technical groundwork to find out the best Crypto Exchange Script Provider. As an end of the result, one best crypto exchange script providers took my attention - Zodeak. They have a multitude of experiences in the crypto industry in offering top-notch crypto exchange solutions at feasible rates. Additionally, they have successfully delivered 100+ crypto exchange projects to their reputed clients within the desired time. Their primary motto is customer satisfaction. So their crypto exchange script/Softwares are highly customizable, secured, bug-free & inbuilt with updated trading features.

If you want to talk with the zodeak team of experts, you can contact them and ask your inquiries/free demo via,

Email: sales@innblockchain.com

Whatsapp: +91 9360780106

Zodeak Technology activities: Business Development/Sales, Client Services, Investments/Portfolio Management, IT, Business Development/Sales, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | Blockchain Development Company

Zodeak Technology

30 days ago

Zodeak offers superior Huobi Clone Script with upgraded features

Article about Zodeak offers superior Huobi Clone Script with upgraded features

We Zodeak is the foremost Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Company in the Crypto firm. We have a team of professionalitic experts who are excelling in the field of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology. We were pre-eminent in providing all sorts of Crypto-related projects and services with flawless consequences. 

The Higher official of Zodeak states, “Recently, Zodeak offers error-free Huobi Clone Script exclusively with upgraded features and functionalities that are manifested in the marketplace.”

Huobi has been one of the most popular Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms since 2013. In this Exchange platform, Crypto users can trade, sell, buy and retrieve their virtual cryptocurrencies in a highly securable manner. This Huobi Exchange supports various Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, stellar, tether, EOS, etc., Also with the help of this exchange users can buy digitalized cryptocurrencies using these fiat currencies like USD, INR, EUR, and the list goes on. 

If you are interested in starting an Exchange platform like Huobi, then buying our premium Huobi Clone Script will be the best solution for you.

Huobi Clone Script:

Huobi Clone Script is a readily available website clone of a Huobi Exchange Platform. It includes all the inbuilt features and functionalities along with security plugins and add-ons. Our Huobi Clone Script is completely planned, developed, tested, and finally ready for emplacement. By using this Huobi Clone Script, you can launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform like Huobi in a trouble-free manner. 

Impeccable Features of our Huobi Clone Script:

  1. Spot Trading

  2. Atomic Swaps

  3. Multi Trading Options

  4. Admin Console

  5. User Dashboard

  6. KYC Authentication

  7. Two-factor authentication

  8. Informative Charts

  9. Secure Storage Facility

  10. Multi-Lingual

  11. Anti Phishing Code Implementation

These are the enormous features that help you to make your trading more comfortable in a hassle-free manner. Ended by the chief official of Zodeak. 

About Zodeak:

Zodeak is a proficient Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Provider in the Crypto market world. We have vast years of experience in providing all cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts and blockchain-related services along with quintessential features. We Zodeak have a team of experienced experts for rendering technical support with impeccable outcomes. If you are interested to start a crypto exchange platform like Huobi, We Zodeak assist you to offer the highest quality of Huobi Clone Script and launch your own Crypto exchange platform instantly. 

For more information, contact us via,


Whatsapp/Telegram: +91 9360780106

Zodeak Technology activities: Business Development/Sales, Client Services, Investments/Portfolio Management, IT, Business Development/Sales, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | Blockchain Development Company

Zodeak Technology

2 months ago

Binance Smart Chain Development - Ultimate Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Article about Binance Smart Chain Development - Ultimate Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs

In September 2020, Binance, the leading Ecosystem of Cryptocurrency Exchange introduced the New network called Binance Smart chain (BSC). This Binance Smart chain (BSC) aims to provide Defi-based applications through high-throughput Blockchains.

In the light-speed of the technological world, this Decentralized Finance could be the “Big thing” in all over globalized finance.

Defi is the internet-inherent financial environment that renders many products and services available in the traditional finance on Blockchain technology such as, Decentralized and other various applications.

In this article, we will talk you everything you need to know about the concept of the Binance Smart chain along with the Binance Smart chain token functions and more.,

Let’s dive into the topic.,

Overview of Binance Smart chain:

Let’s look back to April 2019, the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange, Binance determined to float its Blockchain called Binance Smart Chain. This Binance Smart Chain makes a revolutionary move from the exchange platform and tries to explore to get frontier from the Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchange Services

The lack of smart contracts was a major obstacle that constrained the creation of the Binance Smart Chain inquiring to build upon the purposes of its predecessor, Binance Chain to create a more dependable blockchain and sequentially a healthier cryptocurrency ecosystem for users.

The compatibility of the Binance Smart chain with Ethereum, allows the developers to transfer their crypto projects from Ethereum to the Binance Smart chain along with inbuilt technology capabilities.

What is the Binance Smart chain?

Binance Smart Chain(BSC) is the Blockchain protocol that is derived from the Binance Exchange platform that covers in parallel with Binance Chain. In the wake of Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain drives the powerful protocol called Smart contract compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM).

This Binance Smart chain is one of the fastest Transaction protocol which incorporated with Smart contract that makes each and every transaction easier along with lower transaction fees. These are the compatibility of Defi-based application helps the developers to build the defi apps to the protocol.

What are all inbuilt technology incorporated in the Binance Smart chain?

Binance Smart chain incorporated the powerful and improved technology along with existing functionalities offered by Binance Chain. Some of the preeminent technologies are,

Cross-Chain Compatibility – With the help of dual chain compatibility, Binance Smart chain allowed to fix the complement issues, allowing users to easily move their assets from one blockchain to another without any unwanted attempts or consistency.

Proof-of-stake – Binance Smart chain makes the use of the Proof-of-stake algorithm along with delegated Pos can reach the network compatibility and maintain blockchain securities.

Standard Transactions – Binance Smart chain offers cheap transactions, which demonstrates the transaction fees or blockchain fees which is referred to the charges users pay when they handle a transaction on a blockchain. This fee is obtained by miners or validators who assure that the blockchain only records and prepares valid transactions.

Transaction Speed – Binance Smart Chain incorporates the Smart contract for decentralized transactions to enhance speed and achieve short transaction time and quicker transaction processing while remaining programmable.

Acquiescence – The acquiescence of the Binance Smart Chain getting an opportunity to the vast environment with numerous use cases. Interoperability is one of the key features held in high esteem by DeFi enthusiasts, and Binance Smart Chain is at the vanguard of executing this potential.

Binance Smart chain Development:

We Zodeak Technology provides the Binance Smart Chain Development involves Defi-based Platform to provides core functionalities such as Defi Swapping, Staking, Lending, and Borrowing and much more.,

Zodeak Technology is the World-class Binance Smart Chain Development Company that amplifies the Defi platform that offers Binance Smart chain with Defi staking, lending, and increases the smart contract adaptability of the platform.

Services offered on the Binance Smart chain Development in our Zodeak Technology:

Binance Smart chain Defi Yield Farming Development

Defi Yield farming on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has testified to rapid growth and several protocols have been grateful participants with many more further still on the line.






Binance Smart chain Defi Swapping Development

This Binance Smart Chain incorporates with Defi Swapping Development to improve the features of leveraging liquidity with the help of the Decentralized Finance platform.

Binance Smart chain Defi Staking Development

With the inclusion of Defi Staking attribute on Binance Smart Chain is developed and deployed and helps to improve plenty of returns along with passion income generation, governance, etc.,

Binance Smart chain Defi Lending Development

This Binance Smart chain Defi lending involves the lending characteristic with Defi platform which is customizable designed and deployed.

This lending platform allows everyone to the lender of the platform by considering the process through the specialization of smart contracts.

Binance Smart chain Defi Borrowing Development

This Defi Borrowing platform incorporates in Binance Smart Chain allows user to become a borrower proceeding with the help of BEP20 token

Binance Smart chain Smart Contract Development

Integration of Smart contract Development in Binance smart chain includes the compilation of specific codes for flexibility with multiple chains which is available in current trends.








Binance Smart chain Token Development (BEP20)

This Binance Smart chain having the most preliminary token called the BEP20 token which is improving the flexibility and scalability of the decentralized Finance integrated on the Binance smart chain.


When comes to the best Binance Smart chain Development company, Zodeak Technology is the preeminent DeFi Development company arrives with the conclusion of Binance Smart Chain along with security features such as Current marketing updates, reports, Competitor analysis, and much more.,

If you have any inquiries about Binance Smart chain Development, kindly contact zodeak technology and get a quick response from our team of experts via,

Email: sales@innblockchain.com

Whatsapp/Telegram: +91 9360780106

Zodeak Technology activities: Business Development/Sales, Client Services, Investments/Portfolio Management, IT, Business Development/Sales, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | Blockchain Development Company

Zodeak Technology

2 months ago

Get Superior Binance Clone Script Software solutions with the help of Zodeak Technology>>> https://www.cryptocurrencyscript.com/binance-clone #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptoexchange #cryptocurrencyexchange #entrepreneurs #startups

Zodeak Technology activities: Business Development/Sales, Client Services, Investments/Portfolio Management, IT, Business Development/Sales, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | Blockchain Development Company

Zodeak Technology

2 months ago

Binance Clone Script | Binance Exchange Clone Software

Article about Binance Clone Script | Binance Exchange Clone Software

Almost 100% of people who have cryptocurrencies know Binance for its reliability, quick exchange of coins, and profit rate. If you're looking to start out a crypto exchange business? You will positively reach the heights in the crypto industry. Starting a crypto exchange business is one of the lucrative business ideas. Run your secured crypto exchange almost like Binance will get you unbelievable profit.

With Binance Clone Script to one can easily start a crypto exchange website like Binance. Binance Clone Script is a multi-tested and ready-to-launch clone script of the popular crypto exchange Binance. This is an acknowledged trading platform for cryptocurrency traders to trade cryptocurrencies.

Our Binance clone script works exactly like Binance and you can compete with Binance in this cryptocurrency exchange market. A gentle trading system where users can buy/sell their cryptocurrencies instantly and it's a billion-dollar business application.

Here is a reason for you that convinces crypto enthusiasts to start a Binance like crypto trading platform with a ready-made Binance exchange clone.

Essential features of Binance Clone Script


  • Multi-layer security
  • Multi-language support
  • Admin panel
  • Secure wallet
  • Escrow system
  • Trading view graph
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Fully regulated

Not only Zodeak provides Binance Clone Script, but also provide some of the products such as,

  1. Coinbase Clone Script
  2. Localbitcoins Clone Script
  3. Remitano Clone Script
  4. Paxful Clone Script
  5. Binance Clone Script

Services offered by Zodeak,

  1. Smart Contract Development Services
  2. Private Blockchain Services
  3. Blockchain Consulting Services
  4. dApps Development Services
  5. ICO Development Services
  6. Crypto Wallet Development Services
  7. Altcoin Development Services

and more services, Zodeak offers a highly effective and cost-effective manner.

Get a complete guide about the binance clone script to know more about the importance of using it.

If you have any information about Binance Clone Script, then contact us via,

Email: sales@innblockchain.com

Whatsapp/Telegram: +91 9360780106

Zodeak Technology activities: Business Development/Sales, Client Services, Investments/Portfolio Management, IT, Business Development/Sales, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | Blockchain Development Company

Zodeak Technology

2 months ago

Binance clone Script Is the Best Choice for your Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

Article about Binance clone Script Is the Best Choice for your Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

Technology is moving towards Digitalization. We live in a techy world, where the development and growth of the business are acquiring simultaneously. Yes! The Usage of technology is drastically improving nowadays. Same as in the financial realm, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain play a tremendous role in the marketplace. Most people have a mixed feeling about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain topics amused to be the same. And some of them don’t have a perfect idea about the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain topics. Considering today’s fact of financial perseverance among the market, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the buzzword and ruling the whole industry and expertise.

To get a digitalized coin currencies, you need a solid base to make a transaction. For that process, you can see the Cryptocurrency Exchange trading platforms. These Bitcoin trading platforms are used to get a quick transaction between one person to another along with decentralization. Nowadays, Traders and users of cryptocurrency are far much extending with the rise of cryptocurrency prices day by day.

In the Crypto marketplace, there are a multitudinous amount of cryptocurrency exchange platforms that have efficacious features along with faster retention. But the first and foremost Cryptocurrency exchange platform is Binance.

Now you have a question like the topic, Is Embracing the Binance clone script for your cryptocurrency business is the best choice? Also, you may have several questions such as what is the Binance clone script? What are the features and benefits? Blah blah blah….

Chill out!! This article will answer all your questions. So let’s dive into the below topics:

Topics of Content:

1) What is Binance?
2) What is Binance Clone Script?
3) How does Binance Clone Script work?
4) Is choosing the Binance Clone Script a better choice to make a crypto business?
5) Benefits of Binance Exchange Clone
6) Features in the Binance Clone
7) Who provides the best Binance Exchange Clone providers?
8) Summing Up

What is Binance?

Binance is the first and foremost Cryptocurrency exchange platform that makes trading bitcoin and other 100+ cryptocurrencies from one person to another along with decentralization. Binance was launched in 2017 within a short period of time, this Binance gets tremendous place all over the globe. Binance is the internationalized Exchange platform that makes higher liquidity and faster transactions.

What is Binance Clone Script?

The growth of Binance is motivated many entrepreneurs to build a peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency Exchange platform like Binance amalgamated with additional fully-fledged features that are useful for traders and users.

If you are a beginner, definitely you may have doubts or inquiries about the Binance clone copying the same exchange or stealing their script also gets copyright issues. Even I’m also afraid when I was a beginner. Let me explain and resolve your inquiries. Binance Clone Script is not copying or stealing their exchange script. This actually demonstrates that the use of that similar Exchange script with a similar look and feel of the exchange also integrated with your idealized features.

Hope I explained it in an understandable way. Let’s add some more information about the Binance clone script.

Binance Clone Script is the type of script that is related to popularized cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Binance. This script restrains all the peculiarities of Binance along with additional innovations that are added with the white label Binance clone script software.

With the clone script software, the entrepreneurs and startups can easily launch their own Binance Exchange Clone platform instantly within 2 - 3 days. As we see, there are two majoristic techniques in the exchange platforms, they are,

  • Centralized Exchange
  • Decentralized Exchange

This is not a technical process, Centralized exchange makes their uses feel comfortable while trading. On the other hand, Decentralized exchange is one such effective feature in the Binance platform.

For next we gonna see about how the Binance Clone Script works in the upcoming topics:

How does Binance Clone Script Works?

The works of the Binance Clone script are effective for both users and admin. I’ll demonstrate to you some of the key points of both admin and user works.

When it comes to the users, the Binance Clone script is the most effective way to invest or trade or exchanging digital cryptocurrencies. With the phenomenal Dashboard, this Binance clone software offers all trading options with enormous experience and gets more retention. In the trade view, trade is segregated in types of exchange, only the user can choose the type of exchange and make a process with it.

On another hand, when it comes to the admin, the managing of the Binance clone script exchange is quite incredible because the dashboard of the exchange clone has impeccable UI/UX design and an admin-friendly software interface. Also, the Admin Dashboard will function the entire process in the single page of the clone software that supplements the Admin’s volume of the work.

Is choosing the Binance Clone Script a better choice to make a crypto business?

As we see the above information, Now you can understand why the Binance Clone script gets the most effective role plays in the marketplace. Here are some of the reasons why choosing the Binance Clone Script is a better choice to make a Crypto Business for startups and entrepreneurs.

1) Higher Liquidity - As mentioned earlier, Binance is the popular exchange in the crypto world. So that the Binance clone script also gets a tremendous amount of reach and also you get higher liquidity for your site and makes pride yourself to become a Cryptopreneur.

2) Facile Marketing tactic - If you launch your own Binance Exchange clone platform, you can easily market your platform to your customers and users effortlessly.

3) Consideration - The trading fees of Binance might quite low prices compared to the competitors is goodwill to improve your exchange clone platform concurrently.

4) Technological requirements - Binance clone script is updated and inheld with advanced technologies tools makes more functionally and effectively compared to the original platform.

Benefits of Binance Exchange Clone:

If you want to choose the best Company that crafts your bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange script, then Zodeak Technology is the righteous choice for you. You can gain more comfy solutions when you read Zodeak’s benefits about the Bitcoin Clone Script. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Zodeak provides fully-fledged source code that comprises 100% Error-free solutions, along with more reliable and crafted in an equivalent way like Binance with adequate features.

  • Binance Clone Script offered by zodeak is completely customizable ready-made script software. So that it is an easier way to launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Business instantly within 2-3 days. Only the customization like edit or modifying the features only takes time. Otherwise, it is completely ready script software.

  • With the help of astonishing UI/UX design, users and traders easily make more tendency to freshen up their eyes. These features render by Zodeak assist the user to trade much more manageable.

  • When comes to the security of the Binance Clone script, Zodeak provides forward-looking features along with additional reliable features which make every user and client more applicable.

  • All the trading options and features are enabled in the Binance Clone software granted by Zodeak

Features in the Binance Clone:

The Features and characteristics of Zodeak’s Binance Clone make every client make attractive and flawless in manner. Some of the main features of Binance clone Script are,

  • Versability
  • High Volume of Liquidity
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  • Multi-Language support
  • Reliable features
  • Overwhelming User interface
  • Adaptable platform

Why should you choose Zodeak - the best Binance Exchange Clone provider?

Zodeak Technology is a proficient Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software provider compared to all crypto-based solutions sectors. Zodeak has a team of professionalitic experts who are well-knowledgeable in the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions. In accordance with Zodeak expertise, nearly 85% of the clients requested an Exchange platform like Binance. Also, Zodeak has a separate team of developers, UI/UX designers, and quality examiners to fabricate exchange software like Binance for those clients.

Summing Up:

That states that summing up with the above information, Binance Clone Script is the highly effective and tremendous way to start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange business. Now you have to shake hands with the Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Script provider - Zodeak and transform your cryptological ideas into reality.

Then Why waiting? Kick-start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange platform and start earning.

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10 days ago

Binance is the first and famous cryptocurrency exchange platform in the crypto era. WeAlwin technologies introduce the customizable and feature-rich Binance clone script for business people to enhance their cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly. reach us at https://www.alwin.io/binance-clone-script

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