5 Common Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Article about 5 Common Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Apr 8, 2021

An amazing marketing strategy is important for your business to capture your audience's attention and enhance your sales. The options seem to be endless, from catchy taglines to viral videos and whatnot. However, knowing what to do is not enough.

All marketers do tend to make mistakes. Being responsible for so many tasks, such as running campaigns, supervising teams, etc. certain marketing errors will inevitably occur. However, if you are well-aware of certain concepts, then the probability of such errors reduces dramatically.

Hence, to give your business an edge, we have listed 5 marketing mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Poor or no research and testing

It’s quite easy to get carried away with an attractive business idea without thinking about its feasibility. Neglecting to conduct proper market research and testing business practicality can result in delay, uncertainty, and loss of the potential business opportunity.

By conducting in-depth market research, you can help to prevent over-optimistic estimates. One common trait that can be founded among successful marketers is that they know their competition, understand the needs and interests of their audience and possess all the necessary information.

2. Lack of USP

Many businesses attempt to excel in everything once they get started. They want to cater to almost all the people at the same time. However, if you attempt to do everything, you are known for nothing.

A USP or Unique Selling Proposition is what helps businesses to stay apart from their competitors. Instead of standing up for everything, marketers must take a specific concept and try to work on it. It allows you to tell your business’s benefits and how it can meet the expectation of the consumer like no other can.

3. Running advertisements on TV

As the internet has made its presence across various parts of the world, many have started to ditch traditional cable TV and are moving towards YouTube or OTT platforms such Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. And as you know, most of these platforms do not run advertisements or provide a skip option with them.

Also, running ads on TV costs a lot. Even a 30-second ad could cost lakhs! And that too for a mere region or a state. If going for a national level, the costs can skyrocket further easily. Hence, instead of spending on TV ads, you can look for other mediums such as social media. Not only would it costs less, but it could be more effective.

4. Using billboards for advertising

Billboards ask for high investments, but do not offer high returns. Also, it can’t be said with assurance that most of your audience would interact with your billboard. You may target a specific region, but you won’t be able to target a specific demographic.

Also, the exposure time is quite limited. Many who would be walking or driving will only pay attention to the board for a few seconds. Or the billboards won’t be visible from certain angles. Hence, rather than spending a lot on them, one can use a fraction of that money on banner ads. These ads can be created using Google Ads and can be learned from a digital marketing institute in kolkata in detail.

5. Unclear marketing message

A vibrant and consistent message can be the only difference between effective marketing and a clear waste of time and money. If your message regarding a brand is not clear, then how can your audience be able to grasp the meaning of it? Hence, the message must be clear, for its effects to increase once it reaches the targeted audience.

Final words

Even if the most successful marketer creates the best marketing strategy, mistakes are bound to happen. What is required is to have a constant review of your strategy and identify the errors. Take lessons from others’ mistakes and better position yourself for the future.

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