7th Annual Leveraged Lending in the Shifting Economic and Regulatory Environment

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Feb 13, 2020

The 7th Annual Leveraged Lending in the shifting Economic and Regulatory Environment Conference will give insights to attendees on positioning their loans and portfolios to deal with emerging risks, such as sliding documentation terms and LIBOR, to stay profitable and compliant in the next credit cycle. 

The conference, set to take place in New York City, will enable institutions to address the latest challenges facing the leveraged lending market. They will get an update on the current state of the Interagency Guidance, and how regulators are viewing the leveraged lending market. They will understand the impact of the LIBOR transition on leveraged lending, and the current state of the market, following the recent increase in distressed funds. Finally, they will learn how to address emerging risks from sliding documentation terms and the rise of non-banks in the leveraged lending market.

This premier event also has an interactive workshop optional to attendees. This workshop will be led by Donna Howe, the Founder and CEO at Windbeam Risk Analytics, LLC. The session is titled "Incorporating wider risks into the governance, risk management and dealing". 

The leveraged lending conference has been a huge success in the past and we have received outstanding testimonials about the sessions and the valuable content shared from our expert speakers and panelists. 

For more information, we urge you to check out our event site: http://bit.ly/2UQeXsG
On the site, you can get access to the full official agenda and learn more about our amazing speakers and sessions. 

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