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Sep 23, 2020

cheap boiler service plans provide you with the security of having your boiler and central heating service and maintenance covered with a servicing contract, which includes your annual boiler service to ensure your boiler stays in good health. If your boiler were to breakdown or encounter a problem, a gas safe engineer out to your property to identify the problem and fix it.


When you pay for a boiler service plan, you are reducing the risk of requiring expensive boiler repairs. For example, if your boiler were to need an expensive repair every three years costing c.£200, paying for an annual boiler service plan could save you save you up to £250 over three years.


A boiler service and maintenance plan offers you peace of mind when it comes to boiler maintenance, not only in terms of cost savings and budgeting, but knowing that you don’t have to wait an age for a gas safe engineer to visit to solve the problem is priceless! Cold showers and no heating are no fun at the best of times, especially in the depths of winter when boilers are statistically more likely to breakdown.


There are a multitude of companies offering boiler service and maintenance plans, across a wide range of price ranges, making it difficult to choose the right boiler service plan for you. The big nationals tend to be the most expensive and boiler service plans are typically tiered so that the more your cover includes, then more you’ll pay for it. The bigger boiler service plan companies tend to only reward new customers and don’t always offer customers who remain with them past 12 months the best deal.

You can save money on your boiler cover by simply choosing the best boiler service plan for you. Think carefully about which boiler service plan would best suit your household and keep an eye out for unnecessary extras in your boiler service plan that may bump the monthly price up.

If you have a local Swansea plumber who is familiar with the workings of your boiler, you may be very happy with the service they offer. Local plumbers who carry the gas safe certification tend to offer the best value for money service and if you find a local plumber that offers a boiler service plan then you have the added benefit of their existing boiler system knowledge before you even begin your contract.

If you have a relatively new boiler, you will probably only require the most basic boiler service plan on offer, but make sure the plan includes your annual boiler service or maintenance inspection, otherwise you will undoubtedly lose out in the cost saving stakes.

It’s also worth choosing a boiler plan company that will offer a discount should your boiler be deemed beyond economic repair.


If you live Swansea then finding a local plumber you can trust can be difficult. Choose a plumber in Swansea that has a good reputation as a gas safe certified engineer, a significant number of good reviews and that offers great value boiler services plans which include the cost of your annual boiler service.

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