Criminology Essays: Delve into the World of Crime and Punishment

Article about Criminology Essays: Delve into the World of Crime and Punishment

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Oct 14, 2021

Criminology essays are frequently assigned to students in criminology courses. As such, criminology essays are devised for assessing the ways students have understood the key theoretical concepts of the course. In addition, criminology essays allow students to use their theoretical knowledge in practice. If you are lost at the perspective of writing a criminology essay, do not despair! Our simple guide to writing criminology essays will help you out!

Criminology Essays: How to Begin

A good topic is essential to the success of criminology essays. There might be two possibilities for you:

  1. you have a ready topic from your tutor; in this case you need to realize exactly what is expected from you in criminology essays, whether it is complex analysis or simple description, etc.;
  2. the choice of topic is up to you: in this case you should be realistic about your topic; the best choice would be the topic which allows for analysis, comparison, contrast, and assessment;
  3. assuming a creative approach to criminology essays, you may be attracted by such topics as:
    • criminology practice in underdeveloped countries;
    • ethical aspects of criminology; etc.

Criminology Essays: How to Continue

Background information is absolutely essential for writing good criminology essays. Some of good sources of information may be found in:

  1. your university library with its broad online catalogue;
  2. primary and secondary criminological sources published online;
  3. legal texts, laws, bills of rights;
  4. statements of eyewitnesses, etc.

Criminology Essays: How to Finish

The final stage is actually writing your criminology essays. Here is some handy advice:

  • a good outline will help you construct a logically flowing essay that includes introduction, body, and conclusion;
  • in the process of writing you might get new ideas and insights to include in your paper;
  • reread your essay for grammar mistakes and plagiarism.

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The conclusion is the place where you summarize your ideas and draw out a few conclusions. The conclusion needs to follow the same form as the introduction. This will ensure that your reader finishes with a sense of closure and all their questions answered.

A sample conclusion for a criminology essay:

Criminology is a field of study that focuses on the development of criminal behavior. Criminologists study the factors that influence crime, the methods used to commit crimes, and how crime affects communities. They also try to find ways to stop crime before it happens.

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