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Aug 30, 2020

2020 become a critical year in all aspects of our life: consciousness, healthcare, finance, education, personal, family and kids growth, etc.

Existing crisis shows us in the modern world there is no national interest, we became well tight connected and today we have an international or global interest, as local actions could have a global impact (“butterfly” effect).

Covid-19 provides us opportunity first in history derive collective efforts for one purpose, which could have a direct impact for every single person of existing 7.8 billion people who are living today on the planet. In this case, we must be much appreciated for such experience which unites us in single consciousness with actions for only one purpose: Stay safe and take care of yourself, family, friends, and each other.

This is the first step that united all people on the planet for cumulative actions/efforts.

The next step would be to find solutions on how we can move forward together with rebooting/rebuilding global connections & economy.

Today we have slowdown our global economy due to uncertainties of the next actions of governments as a response to existing global healthcare and other challenges.

Historically, the best way to reboot economy is long-term large scalable infrastructure projects which could create a significant amount of jobs and provide opportunities for a medium and small business that supplies services and goods for implementation such kind of projects. This way was moving the U.S. after the Great Depression (1933 year) when the government was launched national road network construction with 6.6 million kilometers.

Government stimulus packages better to forward on transforming global economy into cycling economy where GDP growth not depending from resource consumptions. Today we have great opportunities to increase transition of worlds decarbonisation and building new infrastructure with ESG capabilities for more sustainable growth.

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