Delivering Future Readiness for Insurance Carriers: Travelers and Church Mutual Join Exclusive Webinar

Article about Delivering Future Readiness for Insurance Carriers: Travelers and Church Mutual Join Exclusive Webinar

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Sep 6, 2019

To address this question, and more, Insurance Nexus will be joined on Wednesday, September 8th for an exclusive webinar, Key Strategies to Deliver for Future Readiness, taking place at 11am ET. Moderator Paul Winston (Chief Operating Officer, Insurance Thought Leadership) will be joined by Scott Steele (Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Church Mutual Insurance Company) and Racquel L Santana (Vice President, eBusiness Strategy and Execution, Travelers) to discuss the strategies they are employing to ensure long-term success for insurance carriers as they enter the digital age.

Register for this highly interactive, live webinar to explore:

  • Unlocking the value of customer engagement: Stop chasing customers’ expectations and start anticipating their evolution to stay ahead, reduce cost of sales, improve cross-selling opportunities and deliver true customer value
  • Finding clear efficiency gains with process automation: Discover how to augment your teams’ capabilities and help them to deliver more with less and create the space they need to become more customer-centric
  • Bridging the gap between tech and people: Innovative tech will only move from an investment to a return if you have the right people and culture to leverage it. Explore how to create a culture fit for change
  • Delivering innovation that clearly impact the business: Innovation for innovation’s sake is off the table. Instead of “shiny object” initiatives, build strategies to master your business’ crucial needs such as claims, billing, and customer onboarding

Register for the live webinar ‘Key Strategies to Deliver for Future Readiness (September 18th at 11 am ET).

Moderator and COO for Insurance Thought Leadership, Paul Winston had this to say "I’m looking forward to speaking with insurance leaders who are leveraging connected technology to gain new data that can enable better customer insights and risk analysis."

Those who cannot join live will be sent the webinar recordings if they register. 

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