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Mar 12, 2021

A new means of digitally displaying advertising messages inside taxis is available for the first time from Taxiplon. By offering the opportunity to display an advertising message through digital technology, Crowborough Airport Taxi advertisers have the opportunity to communicate with an audience that is constantly updated!

Utilizing the fleet of partner vehicles as a communication channel, a targeted display of messages is offered on a 10 ”digital screen mounted on the seat headrest. The ad is displayed in an environment where distractions are limited and the display is activated only based on predefined targeting parameters.

Each advertiser has the ability to choose the target audience with parameters such as geographical location, day and time and additional options for even more effective and always integrated message display without interruption . During the advertising programs, regular analytical metrics are provided for the number of viewers, the duration of watching and other data that support a reliable audience analysis.

New way to call a taxi with Viber!

Now you can call a taxi, directly and easily via viber!

At Taxiplon we have once again developed our services and offer an additional way of calling a taxi.

For the first time in Greece, Airport Taxi In Tunbridge Wells a taxi comes immediately and easily and simply, with a call via viber. All you need to do is use your mobile to select the link here and the conversation starts automatically. Confirm that the receiving point you are giving is the correct one and just press the button. A Taxiplon taxi will be near you in a few minutes. So simple, easy and fast!

For safe and comfortable transportation to work, shopping or even going out at night, start your routes with Taxiplon today, via viber.

Award of the Taxiplon Passenger application at the Mobile Excellence Awards 2019!

At Taxiplon we choose to strategically integrate digital functions, in a constant effort to renew and upgrade our services. Our effort was marked with distinction at this year's Mobile Excellence Awards for the new Taxiplon Passenger application which won the bronze award in the Redesign-Relaunch category in the Mobile Application Design and Development section.

The award under this concerns in chediastikes innovative mobile applications primarily concern the user interface, aesthetics, design and support technology and satisfied all of us for our efforts and to work closely with the company ATCOM this work .

The Mobile Excellence Awards 2019 ceremony took place on Thursday, October 17 and was organized for the fifth consecutive year by Boussias Communications, with the support of ELTRUN of the Athens University of Economics, EEKT, SEKEE, SEPE, GRECA, EIP and of the Hellenic CIO Forum of EEDE. The ceremony, which was actively attended by 280 market executives, was awarded again this year for best practices and the most innovative mobile apps and projects of the year .

Recognition at this year's Mobile Excellence Awards, clearly shows that the Taxi To Gatwick From Tunbridge Wells Taxiplon Passenger App is here to show the new era in transportation services and to be a driving force for the development of the wider travel industry.

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