ECOCELL - will trigger a MEGATREND in the environmental sector for the building industry!

Article about ECOCELL - will trigger a MEGATREND in the environmental sector for the building industry!

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Jun 1, 2020

The architect and visionaryFredy Iseli has developed a powerful, disruptive quick-assembly construction system, made of low cost, but high-tech composite materials. The ECOCELLfast building system will fundamentally changes the conventional construction technology. So far millions have been invested and over a dozen patents are pending or been registered.

Honeycomb - the most important part of composites

In the future we need to build lighter, faster, cheaper and environmentally friendly. The only Alternative to the conventional system are lightweight composites. These consist of a honeycomb and a lower and upper board. The honeycomb with a part of at least ¾ of the volume takes the largest part of the composite. ECOCELL has developed a process for the industrial production of honeycomb by corrugated cardboard. The entire honeycomb structure is made of 100% recycled paper and is coated with a mineral material by a worldwide patented process. The honeycome gets some how fossylised and fireproofed

The ECOCELLfibre-cement-honeycomb consists of 90% air and the material costs are less than $ 50.00 per m3. So - it is by far the world's cheepest building material.

ECOCELL provides massive carbon reduction

The construction of buildings under the scenario concrete and bricks causes massive CO2 emissions during production, whereas the production of ECOCELL - due to the high proportion of wood binds more greenhouse gases than is needed for their production.

ECOCELLquick-assembly building system - «LEGO for adults»

ECOCELL produces standard building elements in millimeter accuracy. The construction elements for wall, floor or roof as well as windows and doors are provided with a standardized connections system. By plugging together the individual components, complete, ready-to-use buildings are created within a few hours. ECOCELLreduces inefficient work on the construction site to an absolute minimum and shifts the maximum possible proportion of work to the factory. The new concept enables the serial production of standardized building elements and makes the production independent of planning and object. The innovative building system was get the GreenTec AWARD 2016 and the Swiss Innovation Award IDEE-SUISSE at 2018.

Proof of Concept (POC) achieved - ready for growing market

The innovative building system has reached the POC. The prototypes of the machines and systems have been developed, tested and proven themselves with the production of the 0-series! The ECOCELLfibre-cement-honeycomb as well as the composite panels and components made with it have been proofed and tested! The first houses was build and inhabited! ECOCELL is ready for the growing market and is now looking for investors who share the values and visions of ECOCELL and want to accompany ECOCELL to take a leading role in the "new" construction industry and contribution to environmental protection.

green investment opportunity:

Investment in industrial production facilities in regions with market potential

Key data per industrial plant:

  • Investments: EUR 15-25 million
  • Production capacity: composite panels for 2'000-3'000 residential units
  • Sales: EUR 30-50 million
  • Profit: 50-100% on honeycombs / 30-50% on composite panels

Financing is provided by the investor, ECOCELL and potential third party partners. A detailed corporate strategy was developed, which we would like to discuss with serious investors!