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Mar 4, 2021

Elly Kleinman Americare Home Care and Elderly Services Solutions provides comprehensive protection from the deadly coronavirus.

Americare, the highly personalized and professionally-managed home care and elderly care services by Elly Kleinman has ensured that the elderly within their care are adequately protected from the COVID-19 virus during the ongoing pandemic. Americare was founded by Elly Kleinman, the famous American business executive, and philanthropist who is known for his amazing work in medical care, educational support, and cultural support.

“We are happy to report that we all the elderly under our care were fully protected from the virus during the pandemic,” says the CEO for Americare, Elly Kleinman. “Our staff members were trained on how to protect from coronavirus by applying the guidelines issued by the authorities. We are committed to implementing the best healthcare and elderly care measures, not only during the pandemic but at all times.”

Americare Companies also offers home care services for adults of all ages in need of lifestyle support. The company hires only skilled and professional caregivers who have a passion for helping elderly people and caring for them.

The service is available in New York and many other key states of the United States and specializes in offering high-quality support services aimed at maintaining the well-being and safety of elderly people. The goal is to ensure that the aged continue to live in comfort. Americare offers home-based services and nursing home solutions. They stand apart from other nursing homes because of their personalized companion care and personal care services.

Americare offers one of the most responsive healthcare services in the country, driven by the amazing vision and compassion of Elly Kleinman. He is the founder and President of the Amud Aish Memorial Museum and the Kleinman Holocaust Center.

Located in the remodeled Borough Park synagogue, the museum was established to signify the traditional faith-based Jewish victim experiences. The memorial brings into focus the views of religiously observant communities.

Elly Kleinman himself is an experienced healthcare executive and founded the Americare Companies in 1982 to provide the entire range of healthcare services with a sharp focus on quality and compassion. He personally handles the collaborative relationships with the many partners and associates of his business. With over 35 years of valuable experience in the healthcare sector, Elly Kleinman has become the final word when it comes to providing quality care, services, and support for patients and their families.

About Americare:

The Americare Companies was founded by Elly Kleinman who is also its President and CEO. The group of companies has been providing a full breadth of healthcare services across the USA for over 35 years. Americare is committed to providing quality care, services, and support for patients and their families. It has received a 5-star rating for the quality and range of healthcare services offered.


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