Emerging technologies outlook: Chapter-1

Aug 30, 2020

With global uncertainty and signs of recession, it's time to review emerging technologies areas that have the potential to create new industries or redefine existing. Some of them are still on the research stage and some are going into a mature phase and already provide solutions and products on the market:


Autonomous shipping

Autonomous shipping companies use technologies like computer vision, LiDAR and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the shipping of goods in the maritime industry. Autonomous ships could decrease the risk of collision, as well as reduce crewing costs.

Autonomous trucking

Autonomous trucking companies use technologies like computer vision, LiDAR and AI to automate the long-haul trucking industry. Self-driving trucks typically have well-defined routes, making full autonomy a more realistic option relative to other vehicles.

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Articles authored by Igor Perepelychnyy