Five Tips on How to Find Opportunities in the Real Estate Business

Article about Five Tips on How to Find Opportunities in the Real Estate Business

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Jack Bistricer activities: Chairman and COO

Feb 17, 2021

Despite the fact that property prices seem to be higher every day, it is always a good business to invest in real estate because it is a stable market with sustained growth over time. For this reason, real estate executive Jack Bistricer offers you the following tips to help you find the best business opportunities in the field.

Your own area of ​​influence

As soon as you start looking for a property, inform your close circle of family, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. Regardless of whether they do not work in the field, if they know any information or are owners of a property, they will not hesitate to support you with information.

 Classic and effective: the newspaper classifieds

You may think that the physical format is deprecated; however, people continue to publish properties through this medium. Beyond looking at the descriptions of each offer, it is crucial that you identify flexible sellers using the following likely phrases:

  • Owner transfer
  • Owner outside the country
  • Sale / exchange property
  • Quota transfer
  • Lease option
  • And the indisputable: I accept offers

Narrow your search

You don't have to go all over town to find the best business opportunity. You must narrow down your search to areas and neighborhoods that you like, and do it on foot.

In doing this, you must be exhaustive and not limit yourself to only the rental posters, week by week, but also ask the inhabitants or concierge of a building or condominium of interest if there is something available.

If you really like a property, dare to go further and make a money offer to see what happens. You will lose nothing by asking and people could always be flexible in the face of a good sum of money and opportunities.

 Banks and financial institutions

Since they are the main mortgage loan providers in the country, when someone defaults on a loan, then the lender executes the contract with the debtor and releases the properties listed as collateral for the loan.

Therefore, Jack Bistricer, Chairman and CEO at Talisker Club recommends that you start by calling your own bank and ask to speak to the executive in charge of property transfers. If all goes well, there could be an excellent buying opportunity.

Real estate consultants

Sure, they charge a commission, but they are as effective as they are fast. Since many consultants have access to large listings of available properties according to each neighborhood or sector, they are truly an extremely good source of information.

In general, these properties have observations or comments with interesting information, being able to know with which sellers it will be easier to deal. On the other hand, you can establish a relationship of trust with a person who is proficient in the field, and who also understands your needs as an investor.


In terms of real estate investment, not everything that is offered is the best business opportunity. On the contrary, the more you hear that property prices are sky high, the more emphasis you have to put to find good deals. Opportunities are everywhere, and he who seeks always finds it.

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