Fundraising for medical staff in need in Italy and Bosnia

Article about Fundraising for medical staff in need in Italy and Bosnia

Apr 12, 2020

Fundraising for medical staff in need - 100% non-profit

A friend of mine, doctor in Italy, recently has complained about unchanged inacceptable working conditions in the hospitals. Her dad is currently in the intensive care unit (ICU) in a hospital in Italy, suffering from severe COVID-19. And neither doctors nor nurses can protect themselves – as they don’t have enough protective material!

Almost at the same time, my nurse was complaining about the fact that in Bosnia, in some of the medical institutions, no protective material at all is given to the entire medical staff - they simply don’t have any material to give to their employees.

As we all know, in Italy more than 100 doctors and uncounted nurses and other medical staff have died from COVID infection, many of them infected while working in the hospitals, trying to save lives, while not sufficiently protected.

Therefore I have set up a fundraising program  ( to collect money and to support those who are risking their lives while helping others – Day by day. 

The project is 100% non-profit oriented. Thanks to international network we can source best quality material at very good prices, no intermediaries, with efficient and effective use of all funds donated.

Due to personal contacts in two specific hospitals, one in Italy ( and one in Bosnia ( we assure all the material reaching the targets. 

In the name of those in need we kindly ask you for your support for this charity project. Any even small amount is highly appreciated. Sharing the post will obviously help to take the project further and allow an even better support. 

Payment can be done online via PayPal or with bank transfer, with instructions online (

Many thanks in advance for your generous support. 

Stay safe! 

Andreas Brauchlin, MD
Medical Director
Swiss Medical Center (SMC) Ltd.

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