GLOBAL INNOVATION NETWORK: New global inclusive concept for Autistic & Disabled Individuals

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Jun 23, 2020

New opportunities transform the world for work and support more than 1 billion forgotten people with Autism or Disability.

The transitions meant a new economic concept for innovation in social media.

There are countless ways to improve the quality of life for autism and people with disabilities to choose, to close the gender gap, to eliminate the damage caused by global inequality, and much more. However, this will not happen automatically, that is only possible by joining forces. Without decisive goals, we enter a world that becomes larger existing inequalities and uncertainties.

Technological progress - artificial intelligence, automation - will create new jobs, but those who lose their jobs in this transformation are vulnerable and inexperienced to take advantage of the new opportunities, especially those with autism and disabilities, who need to be supported in the future economy.

The skills of today do not match the jobs of tomorrow and newly acquired skills can quickly become obsolete because technological intelligence is the future. The current innovative projects of our economies will create millions of jobs but the vulnerable groups will lag behind. Changes are necessary due to current labor markets and social security systems, but these shifts are new opportunities to provide support and inclusive, active societies.

We must take advantage of the opportunities that these transforming changes offer to create a better future for people with disabilities who offer economic security, equal opportunities, and social justice that is a huge challenge - and ultimately the structure of current societies to reinforce.

Problem: Do you ever wonder how the disabled assimilate into society without being a social & economic burden? Did you ever want to do something for this underserved group but had no known outlet? The problem is enormous, this is also the conclusion of International reports clearly stating that this is a global problem. I can provide these reports on request


The largest social business platform LinkedIn offers no form of support for unemployed autistic and disabled individuals, companies themselves do not have any support. After 17 years of LinkedIn and the failure of newer social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google to tackle this problem, we need a platform that is more inclusive and offers a better future for everyone. We have learned from their mistakes to develop this project, RoomForWork

-RoomForWork has a solution-

RoomForWork wants to change this into an efficient platform for a better future, An additional advantage is that the business community also benefits and government institutions can clearly reduce running costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest global crisis of this century. Its depth and scale are enormous. The public health crisis threatens each of the 7.8 billion people on Earth. The financial and economic crisis could exceed its impact on the Great Recession of 2008-2009

Unemployment that is going to rise extremely, people with disabilities are already limited and see their chances shrink, the economic situation will suffer greatly in the coming years

Investment opportunities:

Partly due to the current The COVID-19 pandemic, the need is even greater, and it is confirmed that investors in the USA are going to invest together to do good business, see press release, Only in the USA has there been a huge gap of 25 billion dollar (see pdf file, Imagine how this is worldwide)

It is a confirmation for me what I started 6 years ago to put into practice now.

This has been confirmed by the Cabinet President of the European Commission and Old Wallstreet employees who had seen such an idea in 30 years.

There is also a lot of interest from the various governments with which I had a conversation, and now have something else on their mind during COVID-19.

Attached a press release from a group of investors, also my resume, you get an impression of who I am.


I am looking for investor partners who want to invest in this Global innovation project

Interested parties can make an appointment via my Calendar

Here you can schedule a chat


I start in 2 months with Development which I can finance myself for the time being but is not enough to complete phase 1 + 2 + 3.

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