Green & Environment-Friendly Buildings

Aug 30, 2020


Increasingly, climate change is a topic on people’s minds. Over the past decade, the concern has manifested itself in everything from all-electric vehicles to solar-powered air travel. Eco-friendly living has even seeped into some of the largest man-made projects in the world: skyscrapers. Many might assume that green architecture can only be achieved at the expense of high design — but that is not the case. From the heart of midtown Manhattan and the Rick Cook–crafted Bank of America Tower to the verdant WOHA-designed Oasia Hotel in downtown Singapore, AD rounds up nine of the most sustainable skyscrapers on the planet that turn eco-friendly measures into a beautiful design.

Key values of green-buildings:

  • Solving environmental and overpopulation problems;

  • Projects which meet the major urban and ecological challenges of the 21st century;

  • People-oriented and environmentally-friendly architecture that uses in new eco-lifestyles and new circular economy

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