How do you get a second opinion for cancer

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Mar 10, 2021

Some patients find it hard to inform their primary doctors that they want to go, for a second opinion. However, the patients should know that it is normal for them to get a second opinion. And in fact, many doctors in India encourage their patients to go for a second medical opinion after a cancer diagnosis as this makes them trust the diagnosis and treatment.

A second medical opinion comes in following scenarios:

  • If the patient fears a misdiagnosis.

  • The diagnosis is unclear.

  • The treatment offered is causing side effects, or the patient fears unknown risks.

  • The cancer is not responding to the current treatment.

  • The treatment planned is experimental with no proper protocol or known results.

  • The patient is uncomfortable with his/her doctor, the diagnosis, and treatment plan.

Reasons to Consider a Second Opinion on Cancer Diagnosis:

Well-informed decisions play a critical role in the successful management of cancer, and a second opinion could lead to those carefully made decisions. A second opinion on cancer diagnosis could help cancer patients in several ways.

  • Higher Chances of a Correct Diagnosis

  • To Explore Various Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Options

  • Increased Confidence in the Treatment

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