How to Get Back Your Home Loan Interest Amount

Article about How to Get Back Your Home Loan Interest Amount

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Oct 21, 2020

How to Get Back Your Home Loan Interest Amount?


Today in this Blog we are going to tell one story and the story is about the “LOAN”.


Loan is basically in our view is;


L: Loads


O: Of


A: Absolute


N: Nothing


And today we are going to see various types of roles of Loans in our day to day life.


Loan is the important part for all of us in our life. And this is the biggest driver of the Economy in all over the world.


Everyone’s largest part of income is going to pay the Home Loan Interest Rate Amount.


Home Loan Interest Rate is perhaps the biggest monthly expense item for a number of people in today’s scenario. On top of it, most people want to buy the house of their dream, which means the home loans taken are huge. And with big loans come astronomical interest costs.


So, in this Blog we will See 4 Important Formulas for Getting Financial Freedom from Home Loan which is,


1) How to Reduce Your Interest Burdon of Home Loan?


2) How to Get Back Your Interest Amount of Home Loan?


3) How to Buy Home on Interest Free Amount?


4) How to Create the Wealth Out of Home Loan?


So coming to first point that how we look on Loan, Banks are the technically advanced Sahukar and gives loan to you no matter where you are situated from Kashmir to Kanyakumari!!!


So when you are taking Home Loan whatever money you pay, most of your amount going in Interest part for first 5 years, and your principle amount more or less stagnant for the given time period. To lower down your interest component, you need to go first in the bank and ask bank manager to reduce your Home Loan Interest Rate, which subsequently lowering down your EMI.


Below Image will clear your thoughts on reduced EMI and how will you find the difference between paid EMI and Interest Rates of Home Loan Principle Amount. This is very big savings you do if you shorten your Home Loan EMI.


Home Loan Interest Rate


Now, coming to the next point How to get Home Loan at 0 %?


Average EMI for 50 Lakhs Home Loan is 42,000/-


Home Loan Interest Amount


The Most Important Solution is that recover the home loan interest amount you will pay by investing in mutual funds with Imperial Money App. By starting a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) your home loan amount in a mutual fund’s investment scheme, you recover the interest amount.


To get your Home Loan at 0% start one SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) which will going to give you a Return on Investment of 12%.


So by doing smart investments you will get back your interest rates amount which you paid for your Home Loan EMI. And your New Home will be Interest Free.


You will get Financial Freedom in your lifetime by doing Mutual Fund Investment Planning’s with Imperial Finsol Pvt. Ltd., and in our opinion this is very important option to get your dream home without any EMI interest rates. The Happiness for buying your home from your saved money is not calculated in any terms.


To start Your Mutual Fund Investment Planning today, download the Imperial Money App at -


Let’s see the third point, if you want to build luxurious house then the budget will need 1Cr.


Below Image will clear your view for an Investment. Extend your home buying plan for 10 Years and invest that money in Lumpsum investment with 12% of interest rate.


Home Loan Amount Returns with SIP


The Important aspect of this is that if your home value will reach 50 Lakh to 1 Cr, then also you will buy your dream house with the Cash amount which you saved in your 10 years of time span in mutual fund investment.


And main point is there will be no headache of interest rates for your Home Loan EMI. This is really very amazing trick to get financial freedom and enjoy your life with your loved ones with higher standard of living.


Now see how you can get Financial Freedom with following image;


Systematic Investment Plan


Financial Freedom


And this will be achieved by disciplined mutual fund investment steps which are very important point to get financial freedom in your life for Home Loan Interest Rate Amount.


Happy Investing!!!




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