IoT + AI – The Key To Customer-Led Innovation? (Whitepaper featuring Zurich, Ageas, Generali & Fidelidade)

May 2, 2018

If insurers are going to make the most of IoT and AI, their goal must begin and end with the customer. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) present insurers with a world of opportunity. From generating data to improving risk and operational efficiency, there is much to explore.

But technological innovation on its own is not enough to raise the insurer’s game. Without a clear objective, technology could advance at warp speed and still achieve little.

Get the whitepaper “IoT + AI – The Key To Customer-Led Innovation?” now

To get you the detail on what it takes to develop a winning strategy for customer engagement in the age of connected technologies, we recently spoke with leading European insurers Zurich, Ageas, Fidelidade and Generali.

In this whitepaper, you’ll:

  • Transform your customer engagement strategy with connected technologies and hear best practice techniques for harnessing IoT and AI to unearth insights, address pain points, and differentiate your products and services from the rest
  • Get to grips with the new business logic for de-compartmentalised thinking, and discover what it takes to move from a product focus to a customer focus by connecting data to develop an integrated offering
  • Jumpstart adoption with learnings on how to balance the need for customer-led innovation, with educating customers about the value of new technology-driven products and services

With direct insights from:

  • Stefaan de Kezel, Programme Director Innovation and Smart Synergies,Ageas
  • João Pedro Machado, Director of Business Transformation, Fidelidade
  • Christian Zeiler, Open Innovation Lead, Generali
  • Monika Schulze, Global Head of Customer and Digital,Zurich

Get the full whitepaper here.

 I do hope you find it of interest.

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