Is Assigning Work To Homework Helper A Boon OR A Bane

Article about Is Assigning Work To Homework Helper A Boon OR A Bane

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May 3, 2021

The pandemic might have affected the schedule and daily routine of the people. But it has never become a hindrance to continue the education of students. The methodologies might have changed, but the system has not deviated from the foundation- learning through the homework.

Teachers are assigning online homework to the students during the pandemic. In the offline mode, students reach out to their teachers, friends, classmates, or sometimes, their seniors to clarify their doubts or if they need any Homework Help. However, students find it tough to interact with their peers to solve their queries in the lockdown period. Subsequently, they are turning towards Online Homework Help platforms that could solve their doubts within minutes. It is associated with both advantages and disadvantages.


The students can improve their writing skills, analytical abilities and enhance the knowledge about a particular topic.

Students can enhance their imaginative skills and research traits, as they will get the opportunity to explore various assumptions, alternatives, and examples of a particular topic.

The students will learn to manage their time by organizing and analyzing the given work. The students will get clear insights into a particular topic.

It enhances the practical knowledge as the students will get ideas to relate particular concepts with real-life examples. It will allow the students to expand and improve their knowledge regarding a subject.



The main disadvantage of Homework Helperis that the solutions are available on the internet. It will make the work easiest for the students as the answers would be just a few searches away.

At times, there is a risk of fraudulent cases, where certain fake websites ask for money and personal details of the user to view the complete answer to a particular question. Students who are in a hurry to complete the assignment within the deadline may fall prey to such cyber attacks.

In the case of making payments, the student will have to make online transactions. As a result, the students may pay the amount to the wrong person.

The interaction among the students, peers, and teachers would break.

  How To Make It Effective And Fruitful?

The education system must follow the below methods to make the online homework beneficial-

The teachers should promote peer evaluation among the students so that there exists no interaction gap among them.

The teachers should design the questions that would improve the thinking abilities of the students. Instead, the questions must be in such a way that the student has to think about them.

The teachers should focus on the quality of assignments rather than the quantity.

The students must be made aware of the fraudulent attacks that happen during online payments.

The students should not make any payments if they find anything fishy about a particular site. It is better to go for the unpaid sources rather than the paid ones.

If the student wishes to access paid sites, he must carry out complete research about the product before making payment.


Though online homework is beneficial, there are some drawbacks associated with online        Homework Help. However, the disadvantages can be eradicated by following the methods mentioned above.

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