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Nov 21, 2019

Kansas City Breweries Now Seeking National Support on Fundopolis

Producing High Growth Value Brands for Retailers & Beverage Markets

Kansas City Breweries Now Seeking National Support on Fundopolis

Kansas City, MO, January 29, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Kansas City Breweries, the revived beer maker, announced it is now seeking funds through its crowdfunding campaign on Fundopolis, the equity crowdfunding company focused on Main Street. Any individual is now able to invest in Kansas City Breweries and help support its mission to bring American beers and artisanal sodas and fruit drinks to all beverage markets in America.

Kansas City Breweries has expanded its traditional branded lager beers to include private label beverages for sports teams, racing associations, institutions, theaters, restaurants and nightclubs. To support this production, Kansas City Breweries is building an Industrial Corridor beverage complex with easy access to the city’s number one freight transportation hub.

Through a side-by-side Reg CF and REG D raise, Kansas City Breweries expects to break ground on this complex and increase beverage production while maintaining normal business operations.

Those interested in investing in Kansas City Breweries can visit: http://about.fundopolis.com/raises/kcbreweries

“When our expansion is complete, our beer brands will be on track to being the nation’s next macro lager beverage,” said company founder Terri Bricker. “Our natural, artisanal sodas and fruit drinks will also become a popular treat in every American grocery store.” Kansas City Breweries is committed to remaining in Kansas City and staying American-owned.

Fundopolis is an equity crowdfunding portal that aims to make it simple for individuals and communities to invest in and support the small businesses they love. For individuals who choose to invest, Fundopolis aims to provide the highest degree of transparency about the status of their investment and how they will receive payment and/or redeem perks.

“We are thrilled to have Kansas City Breweries raising funds on our site,” said Jan Streenbrugge, founder and president of Fundopolis. “We are proud and honored to support Kansas City Breweries’ campaign and hope that by giving them access to the capital they need – Kansas City Breweries will thrive.”

To learn more about Kansas City Breweries, please visit: www.kansascitybreweriescompany.com

About Kansas City Breweries Company, LLC

Kansas City Breweries Company LLC has developed and test marketed the KC Lite TM, KC Lager TM, and KC Malt TM beer brands as the successor to Kansas City Breweries Company to begin large scale beverage manufacturing. Kansas City Breweries Company LLC is concentrating on creating high growth value propositions for all beverage markets. Kansas City Breweries Company LLC’s founding President and CEO, Ms. Bricker, is committed to producing the KC Lite TM, KC Lager TM, and KC Malt TM value beer brands that are tapping into customer demand by being lower priced than the competition, while offering the regional affinity and identity that is associated with craft beers, but with the familiar favorite tastes of domestic beers customers make a staple in family gatherings, weekend afternoons, and evening relaxation.

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