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Feb 23, 2021

SellBitBuy, a World-Class Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, provides popular LocalBitcoins Clone Scripts Exclusively for Enterprise/Startups and stands with them for their overall enhancement. We offer LocalBitcoins clone script, Binance clone script, Paxful clone script, etc, with advanced security and trading features.

We are glad and obliged to launch our updated and advanced Localbitcoins clone software with derivative features such as Options trading, future trading, etc,...

Options Trading

Options trading is the kind of agreement that lets traders buy or sell assets with a fixed price on a fixed date in the future.

Take a look at the below options for your reference

1. Call option - For buyers

2. Put option - For Sellers

Future Trading

Future trading can be used for a long period of time as well as for the short term. If the trader expects the decline in price, then they can buy short-term trading and if the trader believes in an increase in price, then they can choose long-term future trading. So it depends.

Margin trading

If the limit exceeds than the balance of your account then it is simply referred to as margin trading.

If you are looking to start a bitcoin exchange website like Localbitcoins?

Sellbitbuy- As a predominant Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, offers the best Localbitcoins Clone Script to launch your bitcoin trading platform like Localbitcoins with advanced trading features.

Our localbitcoins clone script is 100% multi tested and is built with advanced features for user modules and admin modules.

Local Bitcoin Clone App makes cryptocurrency trading/ exchange easier on a mobile phone. 

Get the Reliable, robust Local Bitcoin Clone App that supports both Android and iOS.

Premium Features in Localbitcoins Clone Script

Escrow Wallet

Current Live Pricing

Advanced UI/UX Design

User-Friendly Interface

Multi-Currency Support

Multi-CryptoCurrency Wallet Integration

Chat Bot Integration

Ad Posting

Online/Offline trading options

Security Features of Localbitcoins Clone 

Instant KYC/AML verificationEscrow application

Secure Escrow Wallet

Two-Step Verification

Login Guard

Cutting Edge blockchain solutions

Apart from the above our script is not limited, You can feel free to check out our additional features in our LocalBitcoins Clone Script. We SellBitBuy have a strong team of skilled professionals and experts who can support you in each and every business development process in the development phase.

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