Mobile App usage Statistics:

Article about Mobile App usage Statistics:

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Mar 4, 2021

After the pandemic, mobile consumers and users have significantly increased worldwide and have forced organisation across all the vectors to re-evaluate their business models. Though we adapted to the new reality, It has become evident it is crystal clear that digital transformation is significant. However, securing the best place in the mobile app market is not easy. Breaking into the best position involves the Iteration of research, extensive planning and dedication. Before devote to mobile app development, understanding the landscape of mobile application is very important.


Mobile App usage:

  1. By mid of 2021 roughly, there will be 7 billion mobile users worldwide.

  2. The estimation has determined that 92% of time spent on mobile is on mobile applications using social networking and communication app, taking up 44 per cent.

  3. The app store spend hit 143 billion dollar worldwide in 2020., It is an increase of 20 per cent year over year.

  4. The average time on a mobile device has reached 4 hours and 10 minutes, and it has increased by 20% year over year.

  5. Only eight per cent of time spent on mobile using a web browser.

  6. Eight per cent of American spend on mobile than watching live TV each day.

  7. Twenty-five per cent of user abandons a product after only one use.

  8. In the previous year annual mobile app download was 218 billion downloads. That’s 7% of year over year, and it an impeccable time for user acquisition. 

  9. Generation Z (aged between 6-24), millennials(aged between 25 - 40), and Gen X (aged between 41 - 75) spends 16 per cent, 18 per cent and 30 per cent more time year over year, respectively, in their most-used app.

  10. 40+ has been streamed on mobile, peaking in the second quarterly of 2020

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