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Sep 13, 2020

MoriLite LED Lights is the True LED lighing products which 100% own designed included:

1.) Integrated 3 advantage technology (COB + Flip + Vapor Chamber) ino lighting product;

2.) MoriLite using Own Power Drive Unis, NOT like as other LED suppliers are used "Common Adapter";

3.) Any kinds of Color Temperature can adjust by MorLite own self on Phosphor processing technology within 2,500~4,500 Kelvin range, particularly that we, MoriLite are"Resolutely Refuse & Produce" COB LED light source wih a color temperature of more than 5,000 Kelvin, because i should harm Health and Crops;

4.) MoriLite's product on the Lifespan & Warranty policy are at 100,000 hours with Light Decay are less than 10%, i.e. to compare with all others LED supplier are at 50,000 hours with 30% light decaywhich have huge gap between; in other words as: for the "Hardware investmentthat MoriLite only need 1/6Cost of all of others LED lighting supplier.

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