Recycling of photovoltaic solar panels

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Mar 12, 2021

Many of you ask us the question of recycling photovoltaic solar panels. Sunlife solar, as an installer of photovoltaic plants, is a member of the PV Cycle organization,   the non-profit eco-organization approved for the collection and recycling of used photovoltaic solar panels. Solar Energy in Pakistan The association has produced a 4-minute video explaining the principle of collecting and recycling panels: See the video “Photovoltaics is recycled”

What are the important points to remember about recycling solar panels:

At the end of its life, a photovoltaic panel can be recycled

The collection and recycling of used photovoltaic panels represent a cost, borne by the end consumer at the time of purchase, through eco-participation. At the end of the panel's life, the removal of the used panel is, therefore, free of charge.

For a crystalline silicon-based photovoltaic module with an aluminum frame, the recovery rate reaches 95% :

The junction box and cables are removed at the same time as the aluminum frame and are sent to a unit dedicated to cable recycling in Montpellier.

Glass represents almost 80% of the weight of a photovoltaic solar panel and is recycled.

With magnets for ferrous metals and an eddy current for non-ferrous metals, PV Cycle recovers and recovers the metals contained in the laminate. The polymers, in particular the tedlar constituting the rear face of the photovoltaic solar panel, are separated, then transformed into solid recovered fuel in order to serve as a new source of energy.

More than 200 collection points are available in France and for large volumes, a truck is sent for collection on-site. In 2018, PV Cycle inaugurated the first French factory dedicated to recycling photovoltaic panels of the "crystalline silicon" type. Solar Panel in Pakistan By ensuring the long-term recovery and recycling of end-of-life photovoltaic modules, the French photovoltaic sector thus asserts its requirement for high environmental quality.

Solar panel installer

The solar panel installer installs, repairs, and maintains photovoltaic or thermal solar panels.

Business description

The solar panel installer  is a skilled worker specializing in the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic (electricity production) or thermal (hot water, heating) solar panels.  He carries out upstream studies prior to the site, advises and informs the customer (estimate of production according to sunshine, time and cost of the site, stages and progress of the site, etc.).  After securing the site, strapped in and harnessed, he installs the panels on the roof: removal of the existing tiles; fixing of pastes, rails, inverters and panels; tightness check; connection of the panels to the electrical panel; install safety elements (surge arrester, disconnector, circuit breaker) and finally two meters (one for metering and one for non-consumption) ... For this phase, he must demonstrate multiple skills (roofing, zinc work) and have knowledge of electricity and carpentry ...

Often on the site, the solar panel installer works in association with an electrician responsible for the electrical installation (installation of a new electrical panel, various connections, home automation system, etc.) and a plumber responsible for installing the new equipment. (water heater, boiler or thermodynamic tank ..).

The solar panel installer works at height and outdoors. Best Solar Panel Company in Pakistan He must have good physical condition and endurance as the weather conditions are not always optimal. Obviously, not having vertigo is an obligation. In principle, with the rise in renewable energies, the installer of solar panels could be a profession of the future.


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