Saavor- Meals to Frontline workers of COVID19

Article about Saavor- Meals to Frontline workers of COVID19

Apr 18, 2020

Hi everyone, My company and I have started a campaign to raise funds to donate food to first responders in NY and NJ. Some of you all have supported us so far, but we haven't reached our target yet. It is because of your support we were able to start providing food to frontline workers as seen in these pictures. So far we have scheduled around 550 Mealboxes and are working on scheduling more. Our goal is to feed 1000-1500 frontline workers through our local vendors in NJ and NY. These local vendors were kind enough to price the mealboxes between $6-7.50$ helping our campaign in their own way. This would not have been possible if it weren't for your support. Having said that, we still haven't reached our goal so please do share, support, and tag us so we can help as many frontline workers as possible on your behalf. Stay safe and be well.

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