SharesInside was recently featured on NewsWatch TV in USA.

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Dave Hannam activities: Co-founder
on the timeline of SharesInside AG

Sep 25, 2019

If you’re an investor – whether you’re an individual or institutional– you want the most on-demand and accurate information at your fingertips. SharesInside is a global tool that puts everyone in the know-how, providing investors with unfiltered information from companies all around the world.

The reason for SharesInside is that companies can communicate on a global stage directly to investors that want their updates. Companies are facing the problem of being unable to control reputation as when they publish the news to certain 3rd parties, they lose control of the content.

With SharesInside they have the advantage to control what is delivered to investors mobile phones. All the informaiton within SharesInside is offered free of charge to the entire global investor community, optimised for mobile devices and with guaranteed authenticity. 

Watch the full video here!

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