Technology; The Biggest Fighter Of Covid 19

Article about Technology; The Biggest Fighter Of Covid 19

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Apr 6, 2021

Since childhood, we have been told to write an essay about how we see the future. Most of us wrote about flying cars and living in space. Maybe we overestimated the pace of advancement in technology. Although it failed to satisfy our little minds, in my opinion, the technology we have today is far more useful than flying cars.

Little did our little minds knew that the world will take such a turn and everything and advancement will halt. Back then we just wanted to fly but now we all want to survive.

Survive this pandemic that has eaten millions and is set to eat more. The world is striving to develop a cure for the coronavirus but has not succeeded yet. But throughout this pandemic, we have been blessed with something that has drastically lessened our suffering; technology.

Technology has proven itself, yet again as the biggest tool against anything bad. From providing leisure to saving lives through consulting the best physicians online, technology has been the savior of humankind.

If you have any doubts regarding technology being your savior throughout the pandemic here is how the little gadgets in your hands have helped you.

Spending leisure time

With the whole being shut, you had nothing better to do than to lay in your bed. Laying in your bed is not as fun as you might think. Try spending all day in your bed with no laptop and phone, and suddenly you will feel an urge to go out and take a walk.

Playing ludo star all day has been my coping mechanism and yours might not be much different than that. Even if it is, it must be linked to technology in some ways. Netflix has been the savior of many, so was TV and PlayStation. So there is no denying that the year-long lockdown has been made much easier by the technology.

Staying Connected

This lockdown, we all longed for touching. We wanted nothing more than to hug and kiss our loved ones. People who got to quarantine with their families were the luckiest.

The pandemic has made us realize the importance of staying connected and the value of different relationships. Technology enabled us to connect with our loved ones.

Thousand miles distances were reduced to a few inches, through technology. Although nothing beats the feeling of hugging your mother for dear life, holding her in your hand and seeing her talking through the phone screen comes close.

Just imagine spending a whole year with no contact with your family and friends, life would have been miserable, In fact, there wouldn't have been any life at all.


Staying Informed

Is it only me or you all were hooked to the TV to watch the next news bulletin, too? Eager to learn about the corona hotspots, death toll, any mutant strain, and updates on the vaccine, I planned my every move according to the latest news.

If it weren't for technology we all wouldn't have even known about the virus.
Technology enabled us to keep ourselves safe and look out for others. Technology enabled us to know about the severity of the virus. It enabled us to know about the forbidden places. I

t enabled us to mourn the death of thousands and celebrate the recovery of many. It is the technology that kept us updated with every single event happening across the globe.

The world faced the brunt of this virus, with having so much information, so you can only imagine the impact it would have faced without any information.


Staying Healthy

Technology has been a direct enemy of the coronavirus. From informing people about the precautionary measures with treating the virus through a click of your phone, technology has been your savior. The little devices in your hands allowed you to consult the best doctors online.

You no longer had to book an appointment days before, and weight in the long ques. Every doctor, every medicine, and every service was and is just a click away.
Telemedicine has been on the rise for a long but it gained much more importance during the covid pandemic. Hospitals being full of serious patients, became the hub of the coronavirus. P

eople wanting to be on the safe side wanted something with easy access, that is when the telemedicine portals like came to the rescue. Allowing people to consult the best general physician in Lahore from the comfort and safety of their home, telemedicine revolutionized the healthcare industry for the better and there is no turning back. Once people have enjoyed the convenience of consulting a doctor online, they will no longer want to spend their time and energies in reaching a hospital.

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