The Desired Qualities of the Best Surveillance System

Article about The Desired Qualities of the Best Surveillance System

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Apr 6, 2021

The surveillance system has become a very important part of a household. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a mandatory system for safety. The significance of such a system increases if you have a family because people would to any length to protect their families.

The simplest form of a surveillance system is the burglar alarm, but a simple system can be taken to a whole new level if you choose to add cameras to it. The burglar alarm just makes noise and doesn't give a clue about what’s going on inside the house.

So, level up your security with camera system installation services today and you might want to consider the following qualities while you are at it. 

Project survey

The survey is an extremely important phase before the installation of a surveillance system. The experts come and try to figure out the optimal positioning of cameras. They also find the blind spots and cover them as well.

If you have a smaller place, then you can do it yourself, but it is recommended to hire professionals for the survey and an afterword installation. Make sure you assist the survey team in whatever the need because ultimately you’d be using these surveillance cameras for home. 

It must be based on your needs

One of the top qualities of the surveillance system is that it is completely designed for you. If you install this system somewhere else, it will not work properly. This happens because the surveillance systems are designed for a particular scenario. A place might require still cameras and others might not.

In some cases, the audio is important, so make sure that the system you are getting is truly based on your requirements. 

Should be energy efficient

You must seek out an energy-efficient solution because time is changing and everything is becoming energy efficient. It can add an incredible load to your bills if you have too many cameras as a part of a surveillance system.

A house-based surveillance system might not consume huge amounts of energy but think of a building where annual cost becomes a substantial sum. So, do bring this thing up while you have a meeting with the experts.

Offers monitoring service

A surveillance system without a monitoring system is just like a car without fuel. Every good surveillance system always comes with a monitoring system of some kind. However, the type of monitoring greatly depends on your security plan.

If you are just having a burglar alarm it usually comes with a confirmation call or a visit. The company monitoring the place normally calls to verify if it is a false alarm and if you fail to satisfy them, then a team is dispatched to take a look.

High IP rating

The IP rating is directly related to the efficiency of the whole system. It basically measures the resistance offered by your system when exposed to dirt and water. A reliable surveillance system should have a rating of at least IP67 or above.

So, while you are still negotiating make sure you ask about IP rating because you don’t want a blurry camera or a fingerprint reader ruined by the dust. 

High-quality cameras

The quality of the camera is one of the most important things that you should focus on. A surveillance system can become expensive or cheaper based on your cameras. Installing a camera with unclear image quality would just bring trouble to you nothing else.

So, if you are planning to save money on cameras, then you are playing with your safety. Because, if the video feed is unclear it may cloud the judgment of the rapid response team.

Availability of parts

The parts of the surveillance system are just like the parts of a car. If they are easily available, they can stay functional for a very long time, and if not then you might end up spending extra money on the replacement.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you question the installation company about the availability of the parts of the system because you can’t just live with a broken security system. In some cases, the spare parts can be bought and secured for future use.

Availability of instant service

The service of a security system is extremely important to keep it functional for a long time. The reliable companies keep an eye on their installed system and put in place a maintenance plan. This way not only the surveillance system stays updated but assures around-the-clock functionality.

When you get in touch with a contractor, then you must inquire about their service options because if the repair team isn’t available for days, then it’s pointless to have such a system.

Should be equipped with backup

Back-up is one of the essential qualities of a surveillance system and without it, a system is considered incomplete. What good is a system if you can’t find historical surveillance data? Most of the time a minimum backup is included in the package but in some cases, you need to add.

However, it’s up to you to decide how much historical data you want to keep because it will keep piling up and you’d need to buy extra storage space.

Must be accessible remotely

Remote connection is one of the latest developments and has become a desired quality. Who wouldn’t want to have a system that can be accessed and monitored remotely? Maybe everyone but this service is offered at a cost and if you are offered such a service, then don’t forget to ask for the additional costs.

It comes in handy especially when you have kids at home, and helps you keep an eye on them. 

The importance of a surveillance system in modern society can’t be denied. However, the cost of installation is another matter. It is quite challenging to find an affordable service because you’d need a local service for the security solutions and only a bunch of companies are operational in a certain area.

In any case, make sure your concerns are addressed before you install a new surveillance system.

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