The Money you need using only your securities lending with stock as collateral *No Upfront Fees*

Article about The Money you need using only your securities lending with stock as collateral *No Upfront Fees*

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Oct 26, 2020

SCG Stone Creek Global, LTD. is a BVI (British Virgin Islands) Private Capital Firm registration number 1924430, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. SCG is the #1 Trusted DIRECT LENDER offering Liquidity Requirement Solutions for High Rank Executives and the Ultra-High Net Worth.

• Entire process will take 3 - 14 days maximum.
• Annual interest of only 3%-6%.
• Loan to Value (LTV) from 40% up to 80% of value of stock.
• Almost all publicly traded companies in the world are eligible.
• The stock shares must be in electronic format, paper stock shares are not eligible.
• The stock shares are kept in a bank custodian account of mutual agreement.
• The stock shares are never short traded, sold, reassigned, transferred or traded.
• The stock shares remain in the name of company or client in mutual agreed custodian bank.
• Minimum loan amount of $1MM up to $500MM+, no maximum.
• Non-recourse stock loans, no corporate or personal guarantee required.
• Only requirement is that the stock must be free trading, not restricted and with a minimum level of trading liquidity of $50K DAILY..
• Loan term is min 2 years max 10 years and can be extended.
• Loan will be closed via Internet and funds can be disbursed in any currency and free to be transferred anywhere.
• No restriction whatsoever on use of funds.
• No borrower requirement. Securities are the collateral. Loan is against stock & securities, not borrower.
• No buyer qualification required. No credit checks.
• Loan proceeds to be used for any purpose and not restricted in any way.
• No ownership transfer of stock or securities.
• Dividends are paid to stock & securities owner because owner still official owner of record.
• Simple interest is paid quarterly.
• Conducting business Globally.

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