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Nov 25, 2020

Our project is the uniquely innovative and largest potential building in the world, the East River, NY river-spanning RiverArch. You can read more about it in this headlined article in The Broadsheet (scroll past the ads a bit): and see a 3-minute video flythrough here:

I am part of a 6-member consortium and the building's designer and originator.The ROI is projected to be $7.7b when all 7,630 condo units are sold, even with 30% affordable units to meet MIH requirements.

Right now, we are looking for angel investors for early seed capital - up to $10m - for (new) lawyers, lobbyists, environmental assessors, etc. needed to mount a campaign to acquire permission for this novel over-the-river building.

The RiverArch has been independently evaluated and found to be 62% energy self-sufficient, and is currently entered into the NYSERDA Buildings of excellence competition.I would like to present to you a portion of the NYSERDA presentation to show you the vision and potential. Are you available for virtual meetings via Zoom etc?

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