TradeON Summit Marks 2,000 Traders, And Counting!

Article about TradeON Summit Marks 2,000 Traders, And Counting!

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Jul 14, 2020

Summer may be officially here but markets are showing no signs of slowing down this July. Over 2,000 traders have already signed up to attend the largest online trading event of the year on July 28.

As the financial and economic rollercoaster shows no signs of stopping, retail traders are as active as ever, seeking opportunities and clarity. This has resulted in the perfect backdrop for the TradeON Summit 2020.

The Most Diverse Audience to Date at FMLS 2020 – Where Finance Meets Innovation

Over 5,000 traders are expected to tune in, attend educational sessions by world-class analysts, and stay abreast with cutting edge tools and unique offerings.

If you have not already secured your spot, head on over to the registration. Registered attendees can exchange views and ideas, and get in touch with ForexLive analysts.

What’s happening?

TradeOn Summit 2020 includes a robust agenda, bringing together some of the best analysts and educators in FX and crypto. Here are just some of the not-to-be-missed sessions:

  • Adam Button teaches 8 ways to gain an edge from market news
  • Ashraf Laidi shows how to apply fractals to real-life trades
  • Boris Schlossberg waxes lyrical on the beauty of visual trading
  • Jason Deane makes the case for bitcoin in your portfolio
  • Dale Pinkert shares insights of hundreds of successful traders

The event will take place virtually on July 28 while registered attendees will have access to over 30 sessions, as well as live chat arenas. The content will be available for seven days after the show, so you can rewatch at your own leisure.

Why now?

Our mission at ForexLive is to provide actionable news and education to traders. As uncertainty prevails in the markets, and indeed in much of the world, credible sources of knowledge and research are crucial.

The wild volatility of recent months has swept into the market swaths of new traders. While the interface and the removal of entry barriers by providers like Robinhood are welcoming, the key for consistent success in trading still lies in agility, informed decisions, and fundamental (and technical) understanding of the factors that move the markets.

This is what we aim to provide, and you are invited to attend. Join the conversation surrounding TradeON Summit 2020 today, for free!