Various Practices In Label Translation & Role of Label Translation Services

Article about Various Practices In Label Translation & Role of Label Translation Services

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Oct 12, 2020

Companies dealing transnationally need to ensure that the labeling of products and services comply with local as well as international laws. In essence, there might be numerous and varying local laws in place in regards to the packaging, labeling – for example, the US Federal law states that labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is voluntary while in the EU, Japan, and China the labeling of GMOs is necessary. This creates a sort of “hectic” environment in regards to labeling translation.

Some Ascertainable Standards in Place

There are, however, certain standards that one may look towards when ascertaining labeling follows certain international standards. For example, ISO 15223 sets up certain international standards for translation of medical device labeling and ISO 28219 defines the market guidelines necessary for identifying, marketing, formatting, and testing of labels for various products including chemicals, automotive, marine, health care, telecommunications, etc. These practices in standardization can be applied to every label.

Practices in Food Labeling

In the US, food labeling is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Food labeling laws and regulations address packaging and point-of-purchase advertising, also menus in restaurants, and beverage labeling. It also covers various health and benefit claims made by the products. Various claims include qualified health claims, nutrient content claims, Trans fat labeling, food allergen labeling, organic food labeling, natural food labeling, animal production, and hormone labeling, irradiated food labeling, and biotech labeling.

As you can imagine these rules and regulations apply to every food product sold in the US. If food is imported from various parts of the world, these are to be labeled based on US standards.

Practices in Medical Device Labeling

The FDA governs medical device labeling practices. The general rules of medical device labeling are enlisted in 21 CFR Part 801. The FDA website lists the inclusion manufacturer details, distributor details, directions for the use of the medical devices, and the exclusion of false or misleading statements. Accordingly, there are various requirements for the inclusion of medical symbols on the label.

A medical device if improperly labeled can lead to health hazards. As such proper labeling and labeling translation is to be practiced when exporting medical devices. For example, China is the largest exporter of medical devices to the US many of the manufactured products get rejected on account of lacking proper labeling.

Other Practices

There are numerous other labeling regulations that govern the overall labeling scenario in the US. For example, the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) relates only to the goods sold on the basis of the weight. It argues that the metric scale is more used than SI units in the context of the US and hence might be more applicable in the US.

This brings us to the topic of localization - when translating product labels it is important to keep cultural- legal practices, and norms applicable to local markets and customers. This might include product description, measurements, references, images, iconography, and date/time formatting.

The Role of Label Translation Services

The above argument should help in seeing the global picture of labeling various products. A professional label translation company helps you in this regard.

Besides supporting hundreds of global languages, Product label translation services also help you in providing the translation of labels for various products. Label translation agency adheres to the various international and local guidelines to provide you the best services. From food products to medical devices, chemicals to electronics packaging, food label translation services, and medical device labeling translation services are at hand to guide you through the whole process and help you make a global impact. This and more exclusively with Packaging label translation services.

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