What are the benefits and challenges of telehealth

Article about What are the benefits and challenges of telehealth

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Mar 5, 2021


The benefits of telehealth are many. For example,  people can avoid long travel to the hospital and fear of getting a virus in this pandemic because of the large crowd in the hospital. People Don't have to wait for the expert doctor's appointment for weeks. Just downloading the doctor consulting app can help them.

  • In the busy schedule of work, it saves your time and an easy way to talk to the doctor by making video calls. And ask any questions to the prime doctors.

  • If there is an emergency, even in the rural area, you can consult the doctor immediately.

  • Also, It saves you money.

  • You can send an MRI, CT Scan, and other health reports. So prime doctors can follow your health problem and give the best suggestion and prescription to cure health issues.