What are the carriers better: FedEx, USPS, UPS

Article about What are the carriers better: FedEx, USPS, UPS

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May 21, 2020

FedEx, USPS, UPS: What is Advantageous for Your Small Business?

In electronic retailing practice, companies such as Amazon and Alibaba are making great efforts to boost the demand for delivery services. It affects the modern trade industry, now turned to e-commerce.    For example, companies like Walmart have recently increased their online profits by approximately 80 percent.

Internet shipping operates instantly to meet growing customer demands, offering a wide range of transport options. This kind of internet shipping doesn't just involve attractive delivery costs. It suggests that there is no need to offer services such as delivery time management, online tracking or drop off and packaging points.

When Amazon is delaying the start of the competition, you probably want to stop by FedEx, UPS or postal services. Let us compare all the pros and cons of the shipping services to give you a hand in choosing a right one.

FedEx, USPS, UPS: what is different

All-inclusive services include a vast network of offices and gate-to-day distribution solutions to meet any requirement for eCommerce. However, some important details occur: many missed calls from customer service, unsuitable notifications and a defective tracking system will ruin the purchasing experience of your customer.

When deciding between FedEx and UPS with basically the same services, you should pay attenton to pricing options and special features for a particular company. While USPS is the cheapest option for small online sellers , the lower quality and reliability compared to other companies are on the other side.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FedEx.

For a start, Federal Express is one of the fastest services. Overnight shipping alternatives provided the company are strongly competitive if to compare with its opponents. It is a more high-priced service than USPS, but it benefits as you receive a better shipping experience, offering you an outstanding tracking system at a reasonable price.

Besides, FedEx has supply managers who will monitor your shipment or set location preferences, etc.

Choosing FedEx can be suitable if the pricey costs don’t scare you.

USPS: Merits and Demerits

USPS has all merits of a national postal department. With 146 billion mailpieces handled yearly, its system of drop-off points and a network of offices are the most prominent of all.

Nonetheless, their client service is not as good as of other e-trade delivery companies. A large number of daily mail suggests that deliveries will take longer. Also, the company has a tendency of scanning issues, which causes poor customer tracking.

USPS eCommerce is a winner when it comes to shipping plots of under two lbs. USPS has unequaled competition prices along with 35 thousands operating offices in the country.

UPS: Pros and Cons.

UPS is known to be a common option for e-business.  It can be the best freight carrier sometimes as it has extraordinary record levels of  both service efficiency and capacity to deliver things to any place in the US.

In comparison with Fedex, UPS has more extensive worldwide network, which can be crucial if a pursued distribution service is abroad.

UPS is known as a worldwide carrier, so you will possibly spend more if you select UPS company.

Regional Shipping: United States,  Canada

You may look at more local shipping companies like the US DHL branch or at smaller companies like NEX when your shop is aimed at North America. USPS provides the highest coverage in the United States, but typically private carriers have quicker delivery options for both overnight and on the day.

For local orders, a cheaper substitute for ground shipments may be used, provided both by the FedEx and by the USP. The Calculates Magento extension is easier to use, as it displays both the cost and time of your order for the best shipping cost. Let us check how to save money when shipping to Canada. Transporting from the US to Canada is far cheaper in comparison with any other country, even though there are extra expenses and conditions. If your shipment is over 20 dollars or belongs to a particular category, then you will pay an additional fee. Keep in mind that all the post-US boundaries of the shipment are handled by Canada Post while shipping to Canada via USPS. This can lead to a larger number of mistakes and delays.

Shipping overseas

The gradual decline of the classic marketing industry puts worldwide e-trade on the A list of leading markets.  Such trends place worldwide shipping in demand, making it necessary for any company to have reliable deliveries and the quality of transport services. Comparing USPS, FedEx, and UPS as distribution solutions for e-commerce, we see a clear distinction from a local carrier:

USPS is out of the race because it does not ship abroad and has to rely on the postal services of another country from the moment when delivery leaves the US borders. It means that the quality of services and time will vary significantly from country to country.

While winning overall in the local market, FedEx loses when it comes to shipping abroad because of a smaller network outside the US.

UPS takes the lead with both stable and fast shipping and competitive rates.

Make sure you've chosen the best alternative for a particular destination with the Calculates shipping calculator. It demonstrates real-time rates, keeps track of changes in delivery policies, and provides you with an easy way of tracking your orders.


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