What are the countries to make a comfortable and cheap investment to get citizenship?

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Jessica Walker activities: country manager

Dec 12, 2019

Nowadays, you can buy property to get foreign citizenship. It is possible, though not everywhere. Here, you will be supplied with relevant information about each country's details. Each of them is ready to provide passports to those who have invested generously in the national economy. Also, you will be introduced to the requirements and conditions under which you are approved to deal it successfully.

 Why get new citizenship? 

No doubt, there are hundreds of benefits, but the major ones are the following: 

  • Freedom of movement. Visa-free trips around the world are one of the main advantages that attract the majority of immigrants.
  • Freedom of living. It allows you to immigrate to the selected state at any time, although it does not oblige it to do so. Moreover, the European country’s citizenship makes it possible to live and work anywhere in its area. A lot of people are interested in becoming Cypriots or Maltese to spend the majority of the time of the year in central Europe.
  • Taxes planning. Having a foreign passport does not imply the idea of making you a tax resident of a new country but simplifies the tax planning process.
  • Access to all social infrastructure. Holders of investment passports are given the same rights as all other citizens. The most vital thing to consider for investors, as a rule, is simplified access to international education and high-quality medicine. Also, all bans that may be established for foreigners to conduct business or purchase real estate are removed. 

You must consider these primary advantages if you are thinking about buying a property to be given the country’s citizenship. 

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What should you choose? 

Nowadays, there are suitable countries’ options for everyone, and many of them are in great demand. To begin with, Austria might be a great place for your aim. It is the first country in Europe which had started to regulate investment immigration since 1985. Then the 'Citizenship Law’ became legal. It allows the federal government to reward foreigners with passports for distinguishing achievements, including economic ones.


The downside of the Austrian program is its ambiguity. The law does not declare the conditions that an investor must fulfill. Each case is discussed individually. Judging by the experience of immigration consultants, a minimum investment is two million dollars as a charitable contribution, and eight million dollars will contribute to the business. Besides, the priority is given to socially significant projects that create jobs and develop the economy of the regions.


Another choice might be Dominican. Dominica’s program was launched back in 1991. It has been reformed and changed several times after that. It is considered one of the most reliable programs in the world and is in demand among international investors. 


The current requirements include contribution to the government one thousand dollars or purchase of real estate worth at least two thousand dollars without the right to sell it for five years. 


Dominica's passport opens visa-free access to 135 spots, including the Schengen area, the UK, and Singapore. However, you do not have to master the language, especially the national culture, and even regularly visit the Caribbean. The entry threshold is small, and the minuses relate mainly to the 'real estate’ option - a limited selection of places and the risk of hurricanes.


Consider Bulgaria as an option. The Bulgarian program was launched in 2009. Although Bulgaria has not joined Schengen, yet its passport makes it possible to travel without a visa to any country of Europe, as well as come for up to six months to Canada. Moreover, the country allows having several citizenships. 


Finally, the last one might be Moldova. In November 2018, this Eastern European republic announced the launch of its own investment program. The Moldovan program is called an alternative to the Caribbean since the entry threshold is also not significant, and the deadline for obtaining all the necessary documents is only three months.


As you can see, these are the most convenient and beneficial countries to find a property and buy it to become a lawful citizen. Though, if you are not ready to make this final choice, 'travel' around to find out how much you can get from experience foreign intercourse. 








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