What do you think of online medical consultations

Article about What do you think of online medical consultations

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May 15, 2021

According to my view, Online medical consultation is the best thing for the people in this pandemic. They fear visiting the clinic, thinking that it will be spread or infected by other patients.

For these reasons, the telemedicine app helps you to call the prime doctor from home. Also, one can make video calls to the specialist and can ask any questions to them. There is no limited time on a conversation or no limited question. It helps to save money and energy when you are sick, and can avoid traveling. Through this, you can have a second opinion easily with experts before you go for surgery or any treatment.

Surgery is not always the solution for every medical concern. We may treat some critical conditions without doing surgery. Lot of cases had been seen as a forefront for this. Physiotherapy, ayurvedic therapy, or some regular healthy habits can make a difference in medication. But ensure to get an expert second opinion before undergoing any of these.

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