What is Selenium or Selenium WebDriver

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Jan 8, 2021

To optimize the advance procedure for a time and price application in JavaScriptTestRunner, Jason Huggins, Python, formed the in 2004 – the foundation part of the web testing framework now called Selenium. Primarily, the Selenium was simply used by Huggins inisde the company the software company “ThoughtWorks”, where he was working. In 2007, he moved to Google and advanced the progress of the open-source software, subsequent a combination with the API WebDriver, which was known as the testing framework at that time. Now it is called Selenium or Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium version nowadays is based solely on HTML and JavaScript, and helps developers in testing and recording interactions with a web application, and recurring automated testing as usually as required. The key elements that make this testing procedure possible are as follows:

Selenium Core: The core component consist the essential functionality of the framework that includes the JavaScriptTestRunner and the primary test command API.

Selenium IDE: It is the advance setting of the testing framework that serves as a foundation for the IDE extension for Firefox and Chrome, amongst other purposes. This is essential to record and run tests.

Selenium WebDriver: It is the main interface for replicate user interactions in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and any other browser. The API become a legal W3C standard from 2018.

Selenium Grid: Selenium It is an WebDriver extension or relatively its ancestor Selenium Remote Control (RC) that helps tests for running simultaneously on various servers. This help the length of the test to be decreased significantly.

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