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Jul 9, 2020

In the 21st century, we should not let people starve.

Help people e.g. from:

  • Nepal
  • The Gambia "We are living at home without any food to eat at home and we are suffering from hunger and starvation which has no limitations on us here and we have lost our dad and living with our sick mom who is not capable of doing anything for us and I have decided to drop out from school and go to the forest and cut firewood and sell it for my family purposes so that we can have something to eat at home but the government has announced that if they catch anyone been cutting firewood you will be taking to jail then I stop going there and we have no food to eat at home

    Country name: (Gambia )??

    Send it through: (Cash pickup)

    Following step choose: (Any Cash Minutes Network)

    First name: (MARIAMA)

    Last name: (NJIE)

    Address line: (Brikama Sanneh Kunda Ba)

    City/Town: (Brikama Town)

    Mobile phone:(+220 3871165)

    Email: (" 

and many other countries getting resilience/avoiding starvation/malnutrition


Some data regarding malnutrition/starvation