Fin, Reg & InSurTech Innovations | Validated EU Best Performers

Fin, Reg & InSurTech Innovations | Validated EU Best Performers organized by Jorian Bos



Come and join us to discover the supported validated best-performing EU-scale-ups. Augmented Intelligence Solutions, online due diligence, global RegTech databases, perfecting and digitising your contracting and onboarding funnels. These Fin and InsurTech sessions will open your eyes to new possibilities given by a selection of the best European innovative scale-ups.


SESSIONS | 10:45 - 13:00

EIT DIGITAL - Short Intro on our free services for corporates 
​SQUIRRO - Augmented Intelligence Solutions
NEOTAS - Online Due Diligence, No more Surprises
ARMADILLO - Global RegTech Information and KYC Compliance Docs​
UNITED SIGNALS - Workflow Process Optimisation, Automation & Digitalisation
iGENIUS - Reimagining data interaction: Speak to Data!​


MEET & GREET THE SCALE-UPS | 13:00 - 15:00

After the pitches we invite you to connect one on one with the scale-ups.
Time-slots of 15 minutes can be planned in the events "Get2Know the Scale-ups Sessions"



As a corporate digitisation consultant at EIT Digital Im organising these events. EIT Digital is an EU-governmental (EIT) initiated (objective) third-party that finds and validates the best, stable EU scale-ups that have proven solutions for cross-industry corporate digitisation. On top of that, EIT Digital (the EU) offers free advice to connect your challenges with the right cost-saving solutions. This video explains our free services in more detail.

In the coming months, we will offer a number of niche industry-focused sessions in which we will present ​validated best-performing EU-scale-ups focused on your innovation and digitisation fields. Starting with Industry4.0 on the 18th of June.

The following session will occur on the following dates. We invite you to sign-up for the different sessions and forward the information to any colleague that is focused on one of the different niches. Come and join us to discover the newest, stable, promising EU-based scale-ups that have proven ways to optimise business.


Jorian Bos

Event organizer at EIT Digital


EIT Digital

EIT Digital

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