Word Hurdle - The word game you can not miss

Word Hurdle - The word game you can not miss organized by Emily Johanson


Word Hurdle has a very simple rule of the game and is suitable for all ages. You dont have to practice first, you can start right into the game.

The game has an interface of 6x6 squares, which is equivalent to the number of letters of the word that you have to figure out. This game is interesting in that you can try unlimited, wrong words that can be corrected until the correct word is found

If you guess the correct letter and the right position will show blue. If the right letter is in the wrong place, it will appear yellow and if the word you guess is completely wrong, it will appear gray.

An interesting thing about word hurdle is that the colors you guess wrong will always appear on the screen of the keys. And when you guess all the columns, youve colored all your keyboards.




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